In need of a Modded Class Mod

In short, I miss playing this game, but I want my run to be easier than normal, so I need a modded class mod if anyone would be kind enough to make one for me.

(Story about why I can’t make it myself): I tried making it myself, all the various frustrations and confusions aside, I finally managed to copy an existing map (To be accessed from Oasis map hub), and make a chest drop my new class mod. (At that time I hadn’t started actually making it like I intended, rather just to see if I could even succeed at spawning it in game). I was going to start modifying it from there, but then I realized the Class mod I made slightly corrupted my… everything. Ish. Willow Tree would freeze when I attempt to load saves (Before actually showing me the save files), and then my task manager stopped responding and all the good stuff. Anyway, I fixed it by removing the COM from my WT locker .xml file and then from my save file for the good measure.

If anyone is willing to make a COM for me, I want it to provide general boosts to most stats, depending on the player level preferably (Rather than item level), so it starts at next to nothing at level 1 and has significance by level 69

These are roughly what I had in mind for the buffs (All at level 69, for every applicable aspect in the game):

Accuracy Min and Max: -23%

Active Skill Cooldown: - 5 Seconds

Each type of Instigated Damage Modifier: +23%

Each type of Received Damage Modifier: -23%

Bullet ignores shield Chance: +5%

Each type of Elemental Impact and Passive Damage Modifier: +23%

Each type of Instigated Elemental Damage Modifier: +23%

Max Health: +34%

Health Regeneration and Delay: On par with a Health regen shield

Time to be Revived: x2

Revival Health: x2

Player Crit Hit Bonus: +23%

Max Shield: +34%

Shield Regen Rate: x1.8

Shield Regen Delay: Halved

Weapon Clip Size: +3

Weapon Damage: +23%

Weapon Firerate: +23% Faster

Weapon Recoil: -23%

Weapon Reload Speed: +23%

Weapon Spread: -11%

Overheat Cooldown Rate: x1.8

Overheat Fire Cooldown Delay: Halved

Overheat Cooldown Delay: Halved

Tech Resource Pool Active Regeneration (I think this affected tech proc rate and or chance?): + A small Amount

If anyone would be willing to make my probably far fetched dream come true I’d be very grateful.
I called mine “Jack of all Trades Class Mod”
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And Pie. I would like the COMM to give me a slice of Pie also along with all that.

Do we talk about modded gear here? I always forget.

Generally no, although BL1 falls in to a bit of an odd spot for historical reasons - the restriction is more for BL2/TPS/BL3.

To @soheilrasouly : I don’t know how many modders are active in BL1 these days - a lot of projects disappeared off the radar, especially since the introduction of the GOTY Remaster version. The only person on these forums I know actively maintaining their BL1 mod is the OP on this thread:

You could try sending them a PM to see if they know anyone still making COMs.

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Thanks! I’ll go try that.

The only thing I’ve ever dreamed of for a modded COMM would be to add increased weapon swap speed to a Mercenary COMM, that would make an already super tough Siren invincible.
But I play on console so never looked into it, and I don’t think it’s a COMM-able attribute anyway.

I don’t actually remember seeing weapon swap speed in attributes. Not sure what makes an attribute non COMM-able though

I think that attributes that come as character class skills aren’t general attributes that can be boosted by a COMM.

For example, Mordy gets weapon swap speed from Fast Hands, a class skill, and that can get pluses from a COMM. Lilith doesn’t have a class skill that boosts swap, so she can’t have a COMM to boost that.

In other words, some attributes are universally boostable by a COMM (like accuracy) and some can only be boosted if they exist as a character skill, like F.H. Same is true in BL2. Haven’t thought about it in BL3 so don’t know.

Could of course be wrong, but that’s what my experience tells me.

I meant more like, if an attribute cannot be modded into a COMM as a universal boost like accuracy, because I wanted it to pretty much boost 90% of the attributes I recognized xD
It looked like even completing challenges could boost other attributes instead of XP, though that was even less successful than the COMM