In Need Of Infinity Pistol lvl50-52

So a Friend of mine Powerleveled me to 50, to help me get through the second playthrough faster, however I didnt do the Doc Mercy Quest early enough, and it is no longer available. So i have no way to farm for the infinity ;( Plz Help!

I just have a lvl 46 infinity :frowning:
I’m not using it since in ultimate vault hunter it’s useless but I can give it to you if you want :smile:

Fine by me! Any way you could start up Your True Vault Hunter Mode game and help me farm for it on there??

Just started ultimate vault hunter but sure I can help you farm it on true vault hunter mode :slight_smile:
How can I switch?

Add me on Psn, Jerkle_Circ
Invite to party and i’ll explain!
Much thanks!

Sure thing :wink:
I will add you as soon as I get home!
Or send me the request and I will accept it as soon as I login.
My PSN: Proppottone
Btw, I can give you a level 50 infinity and a level 72 one :smile: