In need of Lucians Call

Looking to acquire a level 50 lucians call. Will trade for stuff I am level 50 and have lots of legendaries. Trying to complete my Fl4k build

do u have fire laser sploder?

I do not unfortunately

did you manage to get the lucian call yet?

Hey, moved it to the Bl3 section for you.

i got a couple of lucians call . but am searching for a recussing hax

i have a level 50 lucian’s call, looking for a butcher

I have a Lucian’s Call for trade. I am looking for the following:


  • Shock Lucian’s Call

  • Tortoise Front Loader Anointed - On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate

  • Loaded Dice artifact with +sniper damage and +incendiary damage

  • Deathless artifact with assault rifle damage or SMG damage

  • Annexed Vicious Lyuda, (fire, Anointed +50% incendiary damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter Class Mod, Hyperion roll (with a combination of SMG damage, crit damage, Hyperion damage, fire speed, gun damage, or hyperion crit damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter class Mod, Vladoff roll (with a combination of assault rifle damage, crit damage, Vladoff damage, fire speed, gun damage, or Vladoff crit damage)

  • Siren Breaker class mod with a point in Find Your Center, +melee damage

@unbreakable I might have the class mod and relic you are looking for , do you by any-chance have a re-charger shield?
Bullet vaccum recharger shield
or zen recharger shield

Can offer this one:

I do not have a Re-Charger. I will keep an eye out.

What do you want for this?

Sent you a PM