In need of lvl 61 gear

I´ve made a mistake with my mechro, she´s lvl 61 when I entered UVHM with lvl 50 gear. No way I can farm for better gear at lvl 61.
I´m looking for a leg mod, bee, fibber, sham 94%, norfleet (shock), dpuh and a pimpernel (fire).

I hope someone can help me out, I can give op8 stuff in return and I can gladly help with op-lvls.

Thanks in advance!

Is a lv 50 Legendary Mechromancer CM any good for you?

I got but thanks anyway.

i dont have any of that stuff at 61 but i do have an infinity pistol if you want that

It’s not really what you’re looking for but might help. ( I also have other random 62+ stuff ).

60 hornet
60 swappers bunny
60 lobbed quasar
60 stiff harold
61 shock lyuda - melee
61 emperor

psn: urban-stag