In need of Monarchs

Looking for Monarchs x8 with Consecutive Hits

I think I got a x8 rad one with Consecutive Hits. Any Light Show or Blood Starved Beasts or new dlc weapons with good anointments by any chance ?

For Lightshows: Cryo Gamma Burst, Cryo Digiclone, Kinetic SNTNL 100%.

For Blood-Starve Beast: Radiation Consecutive Hits, Cryo N2M Incendiary.

I’ll take the N2M Incendiary if its ok.

What’s your psn ? :smiley:

Knuffle_Twem. That leaves the other 4 elements to find. I have decent stuff to trade.

Any one have any of the other Elemental Monarchs?

How do I close this thread? I found what I was looking for.