In Need of Players

Need 3 cool people genrally mature age 15 and up with mic to play Borderlands 2 story mode and DLC’s with, looking for any characters. Contact me on PSN @Nate_Flacko_G

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what level are you?

I’m looking to start from the beginning, so level 1 or a bit higher is fine to

Well good luck on that played this game 15 times over that is with all my characters to op8 not doing that again after awhile that story gets stale after the fifth play through if you’re op8 i’ll be willing to play with you but start all over again cancel that.

I feel you but I’m haven’t played it on my new profile so I’m wanting to start from Level 1

What timezone are you? I’m from Finland (+2).

I’m central America so it is 4:10pm right no for me, but I can play generally whenever

Okay then. Right now I’m in a mission Plan B, and you’d be okay to join at at least lvl 6. I can’t promise any time yet tough since I have to deal it with other possible players too. Also you might want to visit my own thread in this category for more details.

Actually I apparently won’t have any other players so we can play anytime between 2 a.m to 2 p.m of your time now. Wanna join me?

Hello I do not speak English I speak Russian and Ukraine French I play borderland borderland 2 and the prese what I perso 3 in 2 lvl op8 but I looking for people to finish my siren and my sadistic lvl op 8 so I also look for people my nickname ps3 markiz505