In Need of Stuff

Hello, im looking for a couple of things, im in search of a Vosk’s Deathgrip, Good Juju, & Burning Summit Lvl 50 Non Anointed.

Also im searching for the Legendary Class Mods for each character Lvl 53 with 3 Skills.

If anyone has these please they can spare please mail to me thank u.

GT - AKlokwrkMrOrnge

I’ve got a 53 seein dead w/ all three skills I’m not using.

Any chance I could get a 53 Tsunami with either the 250 weapon damage after phasecast or 115 rad during gamma burst anoint?

Edit: just got a Deadeye Com for Fl4k too if you have an interest in that.

Def want both of those, will keep.and eye out for the Tsunami for u

I’m also looking for good artifacts for all chars if you don’t have Tsunami(s). Specifically I want good Victory Rushes. I’m not picky about whether those are lvl 53 (I’m OK if they’re 49 or 50) but I do want good affixes.

Snowdrift or Ice Breaker for Zane (cooldown, any Dmg affixes but especially cryo)

Elemental projector for Amara and/or Fl4k (any Dmg affixes, cooldown, reload speed)

Last Stand for Moze (Dmg affixes, especially splash; cooldown OK too)

I’d also take a Cutpurse Deathless with good affixes for Tediore chucking if you happen to have one of those.

My artifacts are basically terrible on all my chars right now.