In Praise of the Torguemada!

The darn thing is a “Mini-Flakker!”

And is totally easy to get
And my farming for a “Casual” prefix only took about 8 tries at Alt F4

And I love the Fire Rate
And the Reload
And the Mag Size
And…And…And…I LOVE the darn thing…LOL

Absolutely as good…possibley even better than a great parts Casual Ravager if you learn to employ it properly.
and…to tell you the truth…I just don’t seem to get caught between reloads like I do with my Casual Ravager in the BA Round.

For Wilhelm players mix it with a Howitzer Mod and Bomber Com…Frigidia for freezing .

Best results for me in the BA round was to freeze with a Frigidia then close with the enemy to about 6-10 feet away and just cut loose. All pellets and all Flak will usually have excellent effect.

Try it, you will like it!


@sljm would be proud of this thread and yup its a great shotgun.

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I would, and, in fact, am.

You don’t even need Fridgia, if you use Vladof Cryo 'nades. Although Fridgia is also spectacular (and superior to nearly every other Cryo weapon overall).

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Preach it John!

The Torguemada is maybe the best shotgun to come out of TPS, and to me, the best Torgue shotgun in Borderlands.

It certainly is close to my favorite the Swordsplosion

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Can’t kill yourself with the 'Mada

Yea the torgmada and wombat are some of my favorite guns in this game.

Good point…LOL

OMG ! it took me more than 30-35 tries to get only one Casu’Mada !! :sweat:

Just a question about the best way to use the 'Mada :
Do you aim straight the target, or do you aim at the ground under the target ?

I’m asking because during my Hail farm, I didn’t notice any Flaks when targeting Iwa’s body… But maybe they was inside his body and I just wasn’t able to see them… :sweat_smile:

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Aim at the target, but you will get better result if you have a “backwall” to catch the stray pellets and make them produce Flak when the target is still within their blast radius.
So jump and shoot down, and/or aim low on the body. (Doesn’t apply to Iwajira, as he is too high on his legs for that to work, and you can’t jump high enough to shoot “down” on him.

Enemies with their back to a wall are also sitting ducks

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Best results for me is about 6 to 10 feet away where you see all three and actually five for a casual version pellets… strike.

With the casual version you will actually only see three bullets… There are two pallets stuck to one of the bullets to bring it up to five total. I definitely recommend the casual versions for the additional flak produced.

[quote=“Chuck80, post:10, topic:66124”]
(Doesn’t apply to Iwajira, as he is too high on his legs for that to work, and you can’t jump high enough to shoot “down” on him.[/quote]

On Iwajira, I thought I was able to pretty consistently get the flak to hit his head by jumping up and shooting him directly in the face. Anyone else notice this? Could also be my imagination, and I just like shooting him in the face. :smile:

One area that I had some trouble with the Torguemada’s flak was in the raised platform in the center of Holodome. It seemed like I was getting less flak than normal. I guess it’s possible that’s user error and not anything weird with the platform itself.

Yeah, shooting Iwa in the face seems to work great.

Ill go pick this up for my explosive Claptrap. Id forgotten about this shotty…

The Flaks from Torguemada have two detonation conditions:

  • After ~2 seconds
  • Comes in contact with a new surface (i.e. Floor)

This is why shooting Iwajira in the face is a good idea. Apart from the normal implications of shooting something in the face.

It’s also why the strategy of shooting down at enemies from the air is a good idea, apart from the normal benefits of doing so.

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A good way to see the flak is in the Hollodome. Just point at the ceiling. You can clearly see the flak detonations and I believe it is because it is hitting the invisible limit of the domes ceiling.

Well the one i have, i don’t see it’s use so much. It only has 3 pellets and a wide spread. A lvl 52 with 3 x 3500 or something…

The same goes for the wombat, it’s just not that powerful. even with the howitzer class mod

I think you’re not criticizing the right thing. Both of these guns are crazy powerful… They’re just harder to use.

The Torguemada is much better with the casual prefix, but it’s still no slouch without.

First, it deals more damage per pellet than a bangstick.
It also deals 100% splash damage instead of 85%.
Each pellet spawns extra flakk that isn’t accounted for on the card, and they also deal 100% splash.

As for the Wombat, it’s painfully awkward to use, but when it comes to actual power, holy hell, there’s almost nothing like it.

Trouble is, it’s almost impossible to hit with all the pellets with it.

I’m with you on the wombat for one thing: I’m never gonna use it.

But the 'Mada deserves the time it takes to learn how to use it.

Once you learn the Torquemada you won’t go to any other Torgue shotgun except maybe a Flakker.

And even then I actually like the Torquemada better. It has advantages in fire rate and reload and overall magazine size for number of trigger pulls

Totally devastating on frozen targets.

Probably the only other combination that is “better” is a laser Willhelm and an Absolute Zero.

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