In Preperation for Fl4k's new Tree

My build plan is pretty simple, and revolves around the melee pet and a roid shield. So with the Halloween event still going I thought this would be a good time to take advantage of some of the terror annoints and farmed my butt off for these two beauties.

It took so long, but I am so ready :smiley:

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@AbelKurayami Those are both good finds, especially the Brawler Ward.

I’m thinking the same with Killer Queen.

I’ve been saying that melee bonuses don’t apply to pets because of cryo, but knowing that pet guns still get bonuses like mayhem scaling and mayhem modifiers, I’m starting to think it may not be true. I think that only global bonuses like mayhem scaling and modifiers apply to the pets, and maybe cryo does only apply to our Vault Hunter’s action skill in this game, in which case Roid should work on pet melee.

I really don’t know though, I hope it does.


I was trying hard for that brawler ward, took quite a few hours of farming but it was worth it

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@AbelKurayami I had a nice friend give me a terror melee FP. :wink: Sometimes you just get lucky - I really am not saying that to brag or something.

I found one for myself - as just a totally random drop on a run through Heck - that I think actually could be really good also, and that is a terror crit anointed Redundant FP. I figure a Knife Drain White Elephant, terror shield, damage and fire rate grenade, and a Rakk build, and that FP ought to be really awesome.


That actually sounds like a pretty solid build. I have a cutpurse white elephant with my facepuncher, so its almost unlimited ammo and its amazing

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Yeah, I was thinking that also, since my recollection is that the terror crit anoint gave you 100% bonus crit damage. With Rakks you get terror all the time, I have a Transformer with terror and a Cloning Hunter-Seeker in shock with terror damage and fire rate. You get your health regen from the Knife Drain White Elephant and your terror from the Rakks.

100% bonus crit on a FP ought to be pretty strong.

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Oo man. That sounds really awesome

Honestly same here. If the melee damage on the roid shield does work, which I have high hopes that it will that combined with the 200% fire bonus from the annoint, and the new crit skill for the pets, we will finally have some really beastly melee pets c:

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