In Regards of the PvP Thread But With A Poll. Should PvP be in Borderlands 3?

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  • No

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Following this thread below…

I decided to make a poll and see how many would rather see any PvP in this game or don’t want to. Variants of PvP can be

  • Call of Duty
  • Battle Royale (Fortnite)
  • Super Smash Bros (perhaps) =/

The other thread exist but feel free to vote Yes or No. Giving you reasons is always welcome too. Perhaps a poll can shed all of us some light what we prefer Gearbox to do

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They already balance the game like it’s got PvP… And since we apparently won’t get a resolution to tiny text, ui lag, or console crashing within the first year yeah I’d like to see them do some work and add this feature. New content is all they care about making at this point so at least provide enough content to warrant the purchase for me since splitscreen won’t work anytime soon…

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No do not add pvp to bl3. If gbx wants a pvp bl then make it a separate stand alone game name it call of borderlands or fortlands or some crap don’t tack it on to a pve focused game.


The poll will undoubtedly reflect the majority’s mentality which is not to implement any form of PvP whatsoever (it’s already in the game, but i get it). I’m personally interested in whether those that want PvP want:

  1. A large scale/version of PvP implemented
  2. A small scale/version of PvP implemented
  3. the current system to be improve, while remaining minuscule in respects to the core PvP experience

The best improvement to the current system would be the option to disable it entirely. I thought we had that option in BL2…

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I believe 2 and TPS had the option to disable duels. I couldn’t tell you where, I think it was phrased as automatic rejection of duels in the pop-up.

Duel requests maybe?


I like PvP but BL isn’t ready for PvP yet both at the technical and community level.



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LOL no

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So definately part of the majority eh? :joy:

True! Hopefully once the performance issues are fixed up, and more end-game content has been added, the community might show a little more interest

Most people come to borderlands to play PvE not PvP. Most players would fall off from the game if they suddenly went all in on a PvP mode and ignored the content everyone comes for. Their are other games for PvP if people want that and it has zero place in borderlands aside from the random silly duel that always ends with one person destroying the other anyway.

I don’t care if small fraction of a miniscule fraction of the borderlands community wants PvP because I only play for the PvE like any true borderlands fan would. I would be more open to it only after they develop many years of DLC and PvE expansions only and even at that nobody would play it so why even bother developing it to begin with? Gearbox does not need to waste time pandering to a near nonexistent PvP player base in a game that has always been marketed as a Co-op PvE looter shooter…


You’re absolutely right!

Again you’re right!

Definately don’t think that’s a fair statement! I definately consider myself a true fan. As a true fan i know Borderlands 3 is far from a perfect game. There are performance issues, a history of nerfs, arguably inconsistent loot (just to name a few problems). One problem i’m aware of is that the majority of players don’t want to use the Dueling feature, because it’s not rewarding to play. While i do enjoy it that’s completely subjective and i understand not everyone shares that sentiment. However instead of just scrapping a system completely, i’m sure there are ways that Duelling could be improved without even touching the core PvE experience that all us true fans enjoy.

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Yes they had, and it was in Menu > Options > Game > Disable Duel requests if I remember correctly.

Well, if I remember correctly again, in BL2 and TPS, you can initiate a trade in game and instead of just launch the trading, you can start a Duel (stuff are then considered as bet) and the winner of the Duel would keep all the stuff :sweat_smile:

My opinion regarding the Poll, BL is a Co-op PvE designed game, at his core.
Implementing a true PvP mode will only brings more issues (bugs, balance…) and the PvP player base won’t be satisfied anyway…
There are enough PvP games, please never bring that to BL…


If you think the game is balanced for PvP then you should look again. I’m not having a go but merely pointing out the power levels between a Godly Hardcore player and the average casual build is too massive for a balanced PvP to work.

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Everyone getting some nice slice of pie for voting and discussing why they want it or they don’t.

Knowing GB it doesn’t seem like they can do PvP within this game but perhaps those who really really like PvP can ask Noelle or GB themselves and get an answer directly from them?

The best thing Borderlands 3 can have is a racing game like Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, etc all around Pandora or other planets/Moons. I’d be okay with this but not my highly requested priority for now. I know some are screaming for Annointment changes, better loot, game performance and stability, V-split screen. I’m up for these fixes and more I missed at the moment

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All I was saying is they balance the game like it has PvP… Not that it’s ready for it. A true PvE game would merely fix broken aspects, the changes they have made to skills here aren’t that type of adjustment.

I mean why would Zane need to lose that perk that dealt electric damage? Does he really need to be all Cryo? The balances they make, make no sense… If they’re going to treat it like a PvP game then enable it already.

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in an ideal world pvp events with fixed rules for everyone could be interesting, but that would require investment both in time and money and a know how that Gear Box does not have right now. So that a solid “no” for me besides , I have little interest in pvp in general and the pvp video game offer is already plethoric, I want pvp I go to Quake Champions it’s free and done by experienced developers

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Sorry, that’s my bad. I misread your comment. I originally thought you said they already balanced the game ready for PvP rather than they’re balancing the game as if BL3 was a PvP game.


Although I voted a hard no, which I mentally equate to the missing third option of “Duelling is quite enough thank you” what I feel is this:-

The game is 6 months old, it still has about 6 months until the pre-paid season pass content is delivered. Until that is all done and dusted, the story has expanded, level caps have risen and loot level tiers have blossomed. I don’t see how any content as complex as a dedicated PvP activity would be seriously looked at by Gearbox.

I think it’s fair to say the community has tested the waters with some excellent debate and can be happy that it will have been noted possibly for future consideration.

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