In regards to loot and the problems surrounding it

I’d like to start out by saying that BL3s end game is quite different from previous in the series.

The game isn’t just about legendaries any more. You don’t just find-a-gun-and-done. We have Anointed and weapon stats to chase for! That is the true end game. This is a tiered loot system akin to legendaries and ancient legendaries in Diablo. The developers mentioned many times how much Diablo influenced them. Legendaries drop like rain but it isn’t until you start getting the Ancients (anointed) that your build really begins to min/max.

Now we have a few issues surrounding loot that aren’t just numbers and drop rates. One of the major issues is that from what we can tell currently, most legendaries are on the world drop table. This de-incentivises farming most of the bosses in the game and makes many drops (especially anointed perfect rolls) nigh impossible to farm for.

So we find ourselves with a multitude of problems. A majority of the content being irrelevant due to world loot tables and loot being too high/low. This is something Destiny has spent years learning is a mistake.

In order to remedy this situation we need specific weapons attached to specific boss drop tables and for the loot rates to be brought back up. We don’t need it brought back to what it was before, because having specific loot tied to certain bosses already increases your odds of getting what you want - but we do need it brought back up to something similar because as stated before, the true grind is for anointed legendaries with perfect rolls.

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