In regards to the legendary IVF

As far as I know the IVF SMG was at some point added to the Bosun’s loot pool. My question is because I don’t know if this was a patch/update, or simply was a hot fix. I’m on 360 and I don’t have nor use online. So I update my games via title updates.
I’ve farmed the Bosun quite a bit and he only seem to drop the cryophobia (I even got it once 4 times I a row in 5th tries. Try 1=0, 2,3,4,5=BOOM. That’s how much I farmed him).
So I’m starting to believe that I don’t have the patch where the IVF was added.
But I don’t know if there’s a way to figure it out.
I can’t believe that in so much tries not even once it has dropped.
Thanks if anyone knows what can I do, or check to see if the item is in the pool or the said patch is installed.
Is sad to think I wasted so much time if the IVF wasn’t even an option in my game.

List of hotfixes here (in reverse chronological order):

And the list of updates is on the primary site for patch notes:

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If you are getting the Cryophobia that often, I would imagine you have the update that increased the legendary loot drop rate. If so, you can get the IVF from Bosun. Keep at it, it will drop. :acmaffirmative:

Happy Farming! :slight_smile:

Use those cryophobias to grind an ivf

I am not positive, but I don’t think the IVF was added. I think it’s always been there in Bosun’s loot pool. I was getting it to drop early on, but I don’t remember if it was before they increased the level cap. I just don’t remember. But I did skim through the hot fix and update notes, thank you @VaultHunter101 for posting that. :acmaffirmative:

I even did a search on the document to see if it would pull up any info on IVF. Nothing came up. It’s not listed in any hot fix or update. So, I conclude with it’s always been there. Have fun with RNG! :smile:

I know, but I have to get it 1st from it source if possible. I’ll grind it if there where no other option.

So, I think I’m just being terrible unlucky. Gotta keep trying then.

So maybe just to be sure… If I delete the updates and leave only the game as I got it, then the IVF should drop any way??

Because sometime ago I was messing with this and with the update the non respawnable bosses did respawn. And when I deleted they weren’t. So maybe this could give you all an idea if my game version was indeed pre patches?

I see, well good luck, but I didn’t know ivf was added to the bosuns pool

I would not suggest deleting the update, unless it’s corrupt. You might do yourself more harm than good.

I am only pointing out that there was no IVF entry in any patch/update/hot fix notes that I skimmed through. Proceed at your own risk.

edit: Keep in mind on how many drops your getting(legendary items, not the IVF). If you’re getting a good drop rate, then removing your update would remove the drop rate increase, so in this case you would be doing more harm than good if you removed the update.

If you do plan on removing the update, be sure to have the ability to connect to the internet so your game can re-download the update. You definitely want the increased drop rate as it pertains to your OP specifically. :wink:

Thanks everyone.
If I do get the IVF (hopefully some day) I will post it here.

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