In regards to the updates and textures for the first two Borderlands

(Ziddersroofurry) #1

I have the old Borderlands GOTY and Borderlands 2 non-GOTY with a bunch of DLC. Does this mean I’m screwed out of updates and HD textures? If so why?

(Isthiswill) #2

Depending on your platform, you may be just fine. Try and launch the games to see if they try to update.

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(Ziddersroofurry) #3

EDIT: OK for those who like me don’t understand what to do-If you have Borderlands 1 GOTY the enhanced edition will show up in your library. You’ll need to install that one instead. Make sure to transfer your old save to the new games save location. Otherwise you’ll have to start over.

For Borderlands 2 just right click on it in your Steam library then view DLC. You should have it selected. If not enable it. Personally I didn’t notice much difference save for cutscenes being messed up.