In response to the question if BL2 was hot fixed and nerfed this often

I’m just going to leave the following response here from a user on another forum.

"No, not even a little bit. Within the first two months of the game launching,they nerfed the Conference Call along with the Bee shield, because it was absolutely wrecking everything in its path. They also nerfed Zero’s Kunai skill around the same time. That’s pretty much it.

This is the same Gearbox that created money shot Salvador, Bloodsplosion Krieg, Bore Zero, Anarchy stacking Gaige, and Maya was pretty much a monster with an SMG and a Heart of the Ancients relic, along with a ton of other op setups for her, and it was fun as f***. Guns like the DPUH, Nofleet, Sandhawk, Pimpernel, and Interfacer were OP as f***.

They never cared whether you melted Pyro Pete with Zero’s Trespasser Sniper trick, or his Bore Hyperius one shot, or Sal’s Pimpernel/Tunguska gunzerking combo, or Kriegs Bloodsplosion of Pyro Pete. You get the idea."

You’re alienating your core audience Gearbox. These are the people that loved and played BL2 for years to come after it was released.

Stop with the overtuning of gear and skills.


Also these responses.

"It’s really crazy how many options you have access to when you let everything be itself and let everything be as broken and busted as possible.

Yeah it’s almost like the solution is adding content, not removing fun items…"

“Oh, hi Diablo. Could you teach borderlands not to make the mistakes you did for such a long time before you figured it out?”

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No i agree.

Its evident that the same team did not build the games.

  • Lack of decent story. (in my opinion there is less story in 3 than in any DLC of 2!)
  • Lack of returning fan favourites doing… well anything!
  • Lack of side quests from said favourites
  • Broken VH which Pitchford said himself they spend 11 months working on(HOW!?!?!)
  • Untested legendaries (lyuda/pipe bomb…)
  • MH3 scaling
  • IB scaling
  • Menu lag
  • Perfomance (my pc would restart every 5 mins before they patched it)
  • No raid bosses
  • Useless events (Eridum - which has no use at all outside cosmetics)

This game is garbage compared to 2 and 1, 2 with all the DLC is one of the best games made, many hours of fun. This is weaksauce compared.

I’m kinda done with this game until some major things are fixed :slight_smile:

  • IB ( I mean… 50% health does nothing… 200% damage would be a start!)
  • Horrendous nerfs to weapons (to stop people using them, rather than be fair)
  • So many useless legendaries means you can only viably use like 10% (until they nerf those too)

This game has lost me a month in, BL2 I was playing until the launch of BL3… I might even go back to it as the only thing better in 3 is the gun play and that isn’t enough to hold me.


BL2 had broken toons, too.

And we haven’t seen the dlc for 3 yet, so is impossible to compare. The eridium sinks only came in the dlc’s, before then folks were saying it was useless. Plenty of ‘non-favorite’ guns in 2, as well.

And I love BL2. Not as much as 1, mind, but close…And gearbox broke that game for months with the level cap not working outside of the dlc. Happy days.

  1. B0re interactions with the Pimpernel weren’t intentional, but were also hard / impossible to fix as they exploited interactions with the physics of the game more than the skill or gun itself.

  2. Anarchy stacking Gaige had drawbacks as well as advantages.

  3. Companies are allowed to learn from their mistakes. Pointing at a game released in 2012 as some kind of evidence that Gearbox should never balance their products is like pointing at a car from a decade ago and saying it should never change again (car enthusiasts, don’t shoot me, I’m just a regular driver :stuck_out_tongue:)

I mean, this is thread #19827 on nerfing guns. Maybe pick up on the massive list of buffs they’ve given, and people might start listening to your arguments more. As it stands, this is nothing that hasn’t been said before (and counterpointed before), and also I think something you’ve already spent some time making posts and threads about.


I shouldn’t have to wait for DLC to fix launch issues.

I shouldn’t have to wait for devs to “iron out” kinks in a full price game (thats called early access)

What you are doing is making excuses why a game which had 7 years of development has come out in a state of broken performance, characters, skills, weapons and a whole host of things.

No wonder your a mod, you could not defend the indefensible more if you tried.

If BL2 launched and got fixed, they learnt NOTHING between the end of BL2 and BL3 - which tells me the entire team was different, which you can tell from the writing alone - which is another story of left wing progressiveness infecting everything but thats off topic for now.


If this is the millionth thread of people complaining about nerfs then the buffs mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Think about it.


I’m just pointing out that looking at bl2 with rose-tinted spectacles isn’t perhaps the most useful way of talking about this.

And you’ll note that I pointed out one of the biggest issues with BL1 there. Hardly unequivocal praise of gearbox.

But sure, if folks want to dismiss my thoughts purely because of the purple glow, that’s cool. No worries.

/polishes Monocle.


The point is when people don’t learn from mistakes for so many years with their most famous and played franchise,people like you come to talk about rose-tinted spectacles.
No mister moderator.People have opinions looking back and what we have now.Which is better but the same repeating mistakes over and over.


Prodigy has hit the nail on the head.

They have had to retread ground they already covered in previous titles, they have made the same mistakes again. Which tells me different teams with no one at the helm who know what they were doing.


Look, you’ll get no further discussion from me. Not going to waste your time with stuff you’ll simply dismiss as biased.


Everybody is biased.You should know that as a moderator that works for free.Not even a discussion.


Thats fine, you can run away with your rose tinted glasses rather than discuss.

I’m good either way.

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Bl2 was a differant game, differant game engine and a differant cnsole. Do the constant changes and bugs suck? Yes. But im still having fun. I played dcuo for years. The bugs bl3 are nothing compared to the constant unplayability of that game over and over for months at a time. Even gta5 online, unplayable when i came out. They delayed it and still couldnt get it right.

Dismiss my opinion purely on the basis of perceived bias. That’s why I’m stepping out.


Is it bias that the game still has huge performance issues.Or is it bias that BL2 didn’t have so much technical difficulties.Look at the date.Its not bias.Its worse and people are keep repeating that.
Comparing to games that had rough releases but became better after DLCs , should not repeat.
Thats not purely bias.Thats reality.If you watched the couch yesterday they even said there is a lot of work to be done.And they know what needs to be fixed in terms of technicalities.

So no thats not bias,thats facts.Now you are free to explain to me how level cap worked only in DLC , while in this dimension we are still Vanilla (Base game of BL3).


most of those “tricks” took skill surely. i did try the hyperius one shot out of interest and certainly didnt get it everytime.

@Prodigy - this thread isn’t about performance issues. The difference between performance issues and weapon balance has been explained a million times. The same people don’t work on both things.

No. Something doesn’t automatically become true because there’s a lot of people yelling about it, because you have to contrast that against the hundreds / thousands / millions of people who aren’t.

It’s an impossible metric to rely on (either way). You can’t assume that because the reaction is quiet, that there are no issues, but likewise, you can’t assume just because people want to vent about nerfs, that there’s any actual games design insight there either.


Yes,that was targeted toward a moderator that got lost for some reason.I have no issues with guns balancing since its always on the fly.But telling people its better because X had issues because of a DLC is not a right example or a way to go.Especially with a person that has complains in something specific.


Final word: where did I state that there were no problems with BL3?