In Search Of BL2 Legendaries

Hi all, I’ll be on all day today and this weekend. I’m looking for legendaries for BL2 for any levels but preferably 50+. Anyone kind enough to give or trade? I have several 50+ legendaries for BL2 and MANY for the Pre-Sequel including rare blue lev 50 mods that boost up +5 for 6 - 7 skills. My gamertag is: Ample Bosom

i have many legendarys, what BL2 ones can you trade?

Hey man! I have various once that range up until level 70 although most are around level 50.

I have a very large number ranging from 50-61. Hit me up on xbl if you want. Same as username

I have a level 50 corrosive conference call and a few 50+ infinity pistol. Any legendary in return is cool but I have been wanting a sham. My gt is BLUE xPyro

Hey im looking for a all level 50-55 ledgendarys i was wondering if you have anything to trade im after

Conference call

I have

The sham
Double penetrating harold
Snyper badaboom
Infinity pistol
Dandy volcano
The leech grenade

I also have tiny tinas cobra sniper

Do you have moxxis rubi too?

GT Brendon Melling

What blue mods add +5 to 6 or 7 different abilities? These don’t sound legit, in fact they don’t exist in the game. Also if you get to 72 I have some stuff but I vendored the lower stuff because I needed extra space for farming

What’s your GT?

Sensitive Bill is my gt. I’m not on right now and I really don’t even have that much stuff, why don’t you just farm for legendary weapons?? The drop chance is buffed right now plus isn’t there some sort of feeling that comes from earning weapons on your own? Not to go off on a tangent, but I came onto this forum to look for other people to play the game with and although I’ve found a couple people I’m still blown away by how many people just post asking people to give them guns. It’s nothing personal against you but it seems lazy and I don’t understand how the game is fun when you just get handed every weapon or shield, this forum has been slightly disappointing thus far.

Also if you need help or info about farming let me know id be happy to help, there are places where you can get good legendary weapons and shields and it’s not too hard to make it happen.

I have weapons to trade and also weapons I need.
Gt is Renegade FG

What do you need? I can tell you where to farm for it or help you farm if needed. This game involves alot of time to get all the best guns but it can be fun if you give yourself enough to do in each run and gives you more chances to succeed

You’re a scam Steven Almeida. Don’t pretend to be interested in trading and waste people’s time.