In search of Damage/SMG Seeing Dead class mod

I am looking for a damage and smg damage seeing dead class mod. I’ve farming hundreds and have not gotten one yet. I have tons of stuff I could trade.

How about this?

That looks great, you must get great drop luck. What are you looking for?

Shocker ase100 sntnl100
Boom Sickle fire ase100
Nothingness Ase100or sntnl100
Ion cannonx2 fire ase100or moze 125fire
Kybsx3 fire/any 1% or 125% fire
I’m looking for it

I’ll get you a shocker lemme farm it real fast

add PSN Q-man819 on psn

I have something close w wepdmg , SMG dmg , hyperian crit dmg. I’ll trade for a shock and crosiv cutsman lev 57 with sntnl cryo