In terms of video game difficulty, how hard is OP8?

I’m not much of a gamer, and I just wanted to know how hard BL2 was compared to something like say, Dark Souls. What’s the overall difficulty level of OP8?

It’s hard to say, because difficulty is so subjective. Obviously some people think it’s impossible, where some think it’s a walk in the park, and neither is really wrong, since it’s a matter of opinion. If you’re skittish about it, you do have the option of choosing an easier playthrough at any time if you make it to an uncomfortable difficulty level.

My opinion (and keep in mind that I only play allegiance builds with strict weapon restrictions) is that it requires too much attention to everything that it takes away from the fun. There is a different sort of enjoyment taken from forcing your way into these heavily armed areas, but I usually prefer a slightly lighter game (I lurk at OP3 usually). If you don’t have a problem only using the game’s highest-end equipment and min-maxed builds, you should be able to skate through it without much fuss… that’s just not my thing.

Hope that helps?

It all a “Depand” things like lets say
You have a good set of gears or bad set of gears
You have a good skill tree build or bad skill tree build
Are you a Hardcore gamer or casual gamer
What characters you’re playing
Etc. Etc.

To add, the difficulty also depends upon each person’s play style. A person who charges headlong into the enemies is more than likely going to go into FFYL quite a bit unless they have their build optimized for the character they are using. Even then it can be quite challenging. Someone who uses tactics (such as taking advantage of cover, constantly moving, avoiding projectiles, etc) will last a lot longer. But, again, this all depends upon their build and play style.

Personally, I find the toughest enemy to face in UVHM is Rabid Stalkers. Their shields are very strong and can take a heck of a lot of damage before depleting. Even after their shields are down their health is another matter. I had to re-configure my Gunzerker to do maximum shock damage after farming for relics and max shock damage weapons available. Finally, after a good month of farming, I am able to dispatch a rabid stalker in about 15 seconds if I don’t get hit from one of the other Stalkers in the immediate area.

Level 72 x 8. :grin:

Interesting comparison to Dark Souls, I like it.
The difference between the two are guns. You have guns and they have guns. You can barely avoid getting hit somehow and a few shots bring you down to 1. Dark Souls is FAR more punishing on death while you will barely feel any punishment here which naturally keeps you on your toes in the former. Dying non-stop on OP8 is quite a fun killer though.
In Dark Souls you would engage your foes slowly one by one and analyze and counter their moves efficiently. Here enemies don’t have that. Aggro one, aggro everyone.
Bosses are easier to read and thus you can gain an advantage more easily. Except for Raid Bosses and their ridiculously high health and stupid unavoidable novas but that is a story for another day.
Nonetheless you should still engage foes slowly and using your environment to your advantage. Rushing ahead spells doom in both games (o hai Anor Londo sniper).
Random gear won’t help you much anymore. Taking gear suited for your characters are very much required, this is for the best of the best after all. Min-Maxing as the others have said.

These games are very different so it is hard to judge objectively but the golden rule applies for both: Patience. Preparation is just as important.
Setting up a reliable method of slagging makes your life a lot easier. Fighting ridiculously bullet sponge Badasses isn’t exactly challenging, just tiresome.

It’s just not recommended if you want to play the game more casually. UVHM itself already sets quite the difference between casual and hardcore, it’s just not as big as OP8.

The term difficult can be diffirent from person to person.

From my experience, OP8 becomes alot easier when you know your character really well and which gear works best for him/her.

To an extend, I think its comparable to Ranger Hadcore mode in Metro 2033. Dispite everything being wet as tissue (unlike enemies at OP8, who are quite a mountain of health) every encounter requires planning (and being able to change tactics on the fly sometimes). One single ■■■■ up means that the enemy knows automatically where you are. In Metro 2033 knowing your gear helps alot in these sections to either help you survive longer or being able to go undetected better.

Sorry if I sound confusing. It boils down to being able to pre-plan, knowing your characters strength and weaknesses and looking for the gear to compensate for the weakness while building on your strength aswell.

And if you ask me, both games spoiled me quite a bit when it comes to difficulty. I can’t play BL2 anymore on naything lower than OP8 and everytime I play Metro again its always on Ranger Hardcore. Maybe its time for me to gett Dark Souls after all.

It all depends on how well you know your character imo. I have no trouble playing in op8 on my gunzerker or psycho, but it’s a pain in the ass when I try to play on my assassin

It isn’t so much a matter of difficulty as it is of dependence.

Essentially, it is less forgiving than UVHM 72, but many of the principles are the same.

The 100 ways to stay alive in UVHM thread could easily be swtiched to 100 ways to stay alive in OP, so long as everything was in capital letters.

If you’re using your best loadout, you should be dandy. It is just that you become such a beast of synergy that you will have little wiggle room when it comes to just messing about.

Dark Souls isn’t hard at all, but it’s very good at making you think it’s hard.

Said so, I don’t think you can do a comparison with it anyway. They’re too different.

Many hard games become a matter of simplicity once you get the “knack” of it.

I kept hearing how CKII was so incredibly difficult, and it was at the start, but I can do it with relative ease at this point.

I think some games just have a longer learning curve than others.

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I never played Dark Souls so…

OP8 is easier than Witcher’s Nightmare Mode, also a lot of the difficulty at OP8 is around what gear and class you roll with. Some gears can be tedious while other guns are easy one shotters. I did find the old COD SP on Veteran much more difficult than OP8 with the “right” gear.

So OP8 isn’t that hard if you have some of the better blue mission rewards and purple gear in your backpack.

My opinion is OP8 isn’t balanced at all.

It wasn’t meant to be. UVHM wasn’t balanced to begin with and the OP levels just exagerated that.

My crap luck made it hard to get good gear. Never got past OP2. So based on my experiences, I’d say OP8 is the hardest crap ever if it’s 6 levels more than what I couldn’t beat.

with lvl 72 gear op3 is doable. after that your life is eaiser if you farm for gear every two lvls or so.

Gaige might be the exception. she benefits from specific gear tremendously.

A dpuh, a florentine, anatogonist, bee, slowhand (or grog) a mirv or meteor shower/a chain lightning will get most characters through dp. Pimps and sandhawks are gravy for non sals.

Which enemies spawn is one of the big issues, imo. You can get 5 Rabid Stalkers coming at you at the same time, or you can get none at all. Things like that make a BIG difference.

I love me some Rabid Stalkers, especially in a group; once you know how to do the rodeo clown routine with them, it’s fun (seven is the most I ever did the tango with), but I totally agree about the capacity for the game to throw a stack of enemies at you which can outclass you very quickly. For me, it’s rocket launching bandits. Coming up against two Heavy Nomads and a Goliath Blaster (flanked by a Gravedigger, Ultimate Badass Marauder (with his diet Bee shield), and a Scavenger) is way more than I can handle at once (and I’m only at OP3). Still, I do appreciate the ability of the game to do that. If I could stay on offense the entire time, I might consider the game too easy?

Rabies is highly infectious. Animal control and Pandora should spend less time creature domes and more time dealing with that.

I for one with my Dog-Catcher Krieg just bloodsplosion my way through those scenarios. Or, given a less than optimal fighting terrain, take a knee and let the Launchers do the talking.

FFYL explosive damage. :smiley:

The Launcher mobs are my bane. You always dance between life and death with Krieg, and the rush tactic does little when you’re getting blind sighted by 20 pound ammunition.

strafe works. : )

buzz axe bombadier, good aim and snapping ads (snipping krieg style) answers their rockets. a kill that way is satisfying. bloodsploision kills even better