In The Name Of God Please Fix Pre-Sequel Autosave Crashing :(

Every single time I try to play an Xbox 360 cloud save on Xbox One my screen freezes solid when I activate an Autosave location. It’s not always the first one, sometimes it’s the third or fourth but it ALWAYS happens and has rendered the game unplayable. Please please please look into this as the only reason I bought the Handsome Jack Collection was so I could play all my old characters :frowning:

Earth to Gearbox, I’m not the only one that’s having this problem. Please fix this.

I’m starting to think they’re ignoring us, that or working on a super patch. Can’t believe they let the vibration bug go unfixed for two weeks. I wish everyone would stop preordering games in 2015 because developers never seem to get it right on release…or 2 weeks after I guess. We all shelled out $65 bucks after all

Yeah it seems like the Gearbox responses suddenly stopped when they released the April 2nd patch. And I agree with you 100% about the pre-order option for pretty much every game that is in production. They are being brought to market WAY before they’re fully functional or stable enough to play. I paid an extra $12 to have the Handsome Jack Collection arrive in my mailbox on launch day and it took them over a week before I could actually play any of my old character saves from XB360. I had to spend 4+ hours re-assigning my BA % specs that got wiped clean because rather than import that data seamlessly they got lazy and just decided it would be easier to throw a bunch of BA Tokens on my profile. But none of that sh*t matters if I can’t play for more than 5 minutes at a time because THE DAMN GAME KEEPS CRASHING!

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So true, I haven’t seen any admin responses after the patch…seems that the video gaming market has become all about the money and less about putting out a solid product and backing it.

The patch was released April 2, and that means the time since then has been: Good Friday (April 3, a religious holiday) and the weekend.

Gearbox employees are probably, like most people, not working on these days, hence the lack of response.


I have to work holidays and weekends (including this one)…Just sayin’.

You’re also not the only person in the world. Some people don’t.

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I’m not? Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Boy do I feel stupid.
My point being, Gearbox released at product that doesn’t work that a lot of people paid a premium for. They have a certain obligation and responsibility to make things right, even if it means some of the game code team has to work overtime and/or holidays and weekends. It’s the right ethical thing to do, it’s proper business.

Not everyone lives in the same timezone as you too so IMO you should try to be patient and wait 1-3 days before starting to complain about about them not having noticed and/or replying to your post/topic.
I’d say if you’re really concerned about being flat out ignored by them try PMing someone in orange about it cause they are an actual Dev for GBX and will more than likely be able to give you a response but you’ll still need to give them time to log in and see/figure out if they’d need to ask around the office for an satisfactory answer besides “Thanks for the PM, will let other employees/Devs know of this issue”
In the meantime you could double check that it is an issue that they’d be able to fix aka make sure the disc isn’t scratched, that your console has adequate ventilation and it isn’t overheating and finally verifying the integrity of any data saved to your unit like patches (delete and reinstall it basically).

Untinstall, reinstall, saved characters, new characters, none of that is making any difference. The game is still constantly crashing and is quite literally unplayable. I do appreciate your suggestions though. They’re a lot more constructive than one-liner character assassinations. I’m going to bring this thread to the direct attention of someone that may actually be able to do something about it.

Didn’t even take that into consideration considering I’m not a religious person myself…good point

I’ll pass this along to the team to investigate. So i can give them the best information possible:

This issue happens on any characters, new ones and ones transferred from Xbox 360?

This issue is only occuring in BL:TPS, not BL2?

Are you playing from a digital download version of the game or a retail disc?

Anything else that will help the team reproduce the issue?

For others reading this thread, could anyone else let me know if they’re experiencing the same issues?

This is only occurring for me in TPS on Xbox One (and not on my PS4 either)

I have a digital copy only and have reinstalled.

It happens with new and transferred characters.

It doesn’t always occur at every save but at least every third one. It crashes and forces me to restart the game completely. It does however save correctly so when I go back in the progress has been saved.

I just completed the first Holodome level and played through without any issues until I went to leave and it froze and the exit (while saving)

I have already reported this issue as well for support.

Just wanted to pass along word that we’ve got the team investigating! Thanks guys!

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