In the shadow of starlight bug PLEASE HELP!

So I have tried everything to get this bug fixed (ps4) and nothing has worked. The box is checked next to the objective “follow Typhon” but he is standing next to the pedestal and there is no way for the mission to progress. I am in my TVHM run and I cannot finish it. I have searched everywhere on the internet and there is no definitive fix. Gearbox stated they addressed it in a hotfix on 12/12 and it still is a game halting bug. At this point there aren’t enough people doing story missions for me to matchmake with. It is a shame because I was planning on buying the DLC but there is no way I can put more money into a broken product like this. If anyone has this mission left to do and would be willing to help a fellow gamer in need, send a message on ps4 to ydoesdaddyhitme and include that you saw this post on the forums. Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help.

That happened to me also twice. I had to completly close the game under close applications. Then launched it again and it worked.
Same thing happens when following loreli and balex sometimes.

ive had it happen to me when you meet the smuggler dude. he wouldnt move. had to close the game and relauch for it to work