In the shadow of starlight mission bug

Not sure if this thread has been created, but on day 2 post release I encounter a bug in the shadow of starlight mission when following typhon right before I was about to put the vault key into the second pedestal. The check mark was checked for follow typhon. However when he reached the pedestal he did nothing and it would not progress any farther. I tried save quitting, closing application, uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing make this mission passable until I luckily match made with someone on the mission and completed it that way. Just a heads up if anyone encounters the same thing. By the way this did not happen to me on TVHM only the normal playthrough.


Same problem PS4. Tried matchmaking. Best I get is the final boss and it doesn’t count when I go back to my game. Still stuck on that chapter, follow Typhon still checked. Unless someone I gets there and I can join them and their save isnt bugged I might get it. Other wise I’m stuck waiting for a patch. Good thing Shadowkeep is out in a few days anyways. Keep me busy while I wait.

I have the same bug. Almost a week I’m trying to find someone to complete the quest with him.
October 4th 2019.

The patch and quick fix didn’t change anything.

Restart the game with another character.

Someone help me.

I’m on Ps4 pro. My psn Id is Kirchak. If you add me, tell me your from this forum or I will not add you.

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This bug is still not fixed on PS4. Got it yesterday when I got to the mission for the first time in co-op mode with someone else who also got to the mission for the first time. Both of us are now stuck and can’t proceed.

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Same here. I’m at the part where I’ve gotta push the switches at the same time as him. After the second statue. PSN telikos_oplo

Still a problem. I just had the bug happen on the way to the third statue. He is now just sitting at the platforms just standing there doing nothing. I even get the dialouge when I run through the area past them every time.