In the Shadow of Starlight mission bugged and I can't fix it please help

Typhon is just standing there and my mission statement says i completed the task of following him, but he’s just standing there.
I’ve tried restarting, moving to another lobby, switching characters, doing other missions and even reinstalling the whole game.
Needless to say I am very upset that I cannot play the game through with my Amara.

I have the same bug. Almost a week I’m trying to find someone to complete the quest with him.
October 4th 2019.

The patch and quick fix didn’t change anything.

Restart the game with another character.

Someone help me.

I’m on Ps4 pro. My psn Id is Kirchak. If you add me, tell me your from this forum or I will not add you.

Had this glitch happen last night on my 3rd character. Found someone online this morning just finishing this mission. So I was able to get around it and finish my True Vault Hunter play through this morning.

Still happening 3 months later.

Just glad I didn’t have to search for too long to find a public game playing the chapter I needed.