In the words of Mr Torgue

Right Gearbox. You are not new to the game here. You are supposed to be the market leaders in lootin’ shootin’ rootin’ tootin’ gameplay.

So far I have seen nothing but complaints regarding anointments (fixed with hot fix), on M-level gear dropping (fixed witha hotfix), Mayhem modifiers crashing the game (fixed with a hotfix by removal of modifiers) and a very large noise about the poor dedicated loot drops (especially on the planet of the week during this event).

You will be entering into the third week of the Loot the Universe event very soon.

In the words of Mr Torgue:


Otherwise forever be known as HotFixBox

And you had better fix the m scaling on hex grenades. Still dropping at m10 with low stats.

I didn’t think grenades scaled with mayhem levels

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neither does offensive damage from shields (Novas etc) :frowning: