In your humble opinion, who should we watch on Twitch today?

Title (Only asking because there are so many creators streaming today.)



personally im watching ki11er six because he is the only borderlands youtuber/streamer i ever watched (other than joltz) because of how hilarious he is.

Haven’t seen that one. :wink:

Thanks, he does a great job.

None, because they’re showing off story stuff and I don’t believe in spoiling stuff for others when they have to wait another 4 months to experience it themselves.

haha…Actually Randy is doing a pretty good job right now, enjoying it.

How the hell do you bring up this echocast thing? I have granted it access but nothing happens

edit: well it’s not working in Chrome, just like the BL3 VIP page. What is it with Gearbox stuff not working in Chrome?

Worked in Chrome for me. Twitch Prime, it is a connection now and gave me the countdown each time I came back to the stream. (Countdown shows it making the connection)

Wished. But didn’t seemed to be streaming. Or I’m too clumsy. Which is entirely possible.

Apparently Echocast wasn’t working for mobile devices. If you were on one of those that is probably the issue.

I watched 6 at once. Only won once but I’m happy with that.

Nah, Windows PC. No browser extensions, no ad blocker, nothing. Normally everything works without problems, just not the BL3 VIP thing and now this Twitch extension.

Fired up Edge and it worked there. Well, it worked in 2 of 10 streams or so that I tried. VIP works in Edge too (most of the time).