(In)Zane Terror run

I’m a Zane main build junkie who has been collecting terror anointed gear since Bloody Harvest launched (I’m up to 48 mules :grin:).

Yesterday’s hotfix, which includes a significant decrease in ghost spawns, was another reminder on top of the previous hotfix, that reduced terror anointed drops, that I needed to get back to curating my anointed gear by sketching out some build ideas.

What I’m about to show you I had no intention of even recording. But one of my sketches was so effective I had to record it. Actually it’s too good to be true. I have a funny feeling that some terror interactions are bugged but let’s keep that between us so GBX NEVER fixes it! :smile:

But before I continue I need to say the following. I’m not a YouTuber but recently I find myself uploading to YouTube and posting on the forums as a response to the endless negativity being directed at Zane on these here forums. The Zane the Operative section is filled with threads from people who have not or are not willing to make the effort to learn the intricacies of Zane. They show up belligerent and embolden by their ignorance. Some leave enlightened but most do not. My hope is to contribute to the growing body of evidence that shows that Zane is effective in handling the end game content that the Zane haters claim he cannot. Sorry for the preaching but I had to get that off of my chest. :grin:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I give you moving pictures AND sound :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::

[Act I]
In the final round enemy spawn bugged out and I had to kill myself to reset it. I took off my shield to speed up my suicide then forgot to put it back on. It didn’t matter. :grin:

[Act II]


That’s a good way to start a “youtube carrer”. :wink:
When I started playing BL2 I had (and still) Axton as main. So needless to say when I started to search more deeply for info. UVHM is a steep step. There was a lot of negative stuff. Luckily it was late into the game cycle and this myth was already debunked.
Thanks Demonite and Derch. :grinning:

So when I started seeing the same comments about Zane I was: Here we go again! :sweat_smile:

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