Inability to modify the existing ship's HODs

What can we expect? I’ve read that in the future we’ll be able to edit hardpoints externally, for the weapon mods and so on. But the attitude towards kitbashes leads me to believe that I won’t be able to replicate this again:

In the old Homeworld 2 we didn’t have animated subsystems, so I came up with this little illusion to make animated defense field generator subsytem. It required adding an animated mesh to the ship’s HOD.
So that’s completelly out of the question now, right?

What will and won’t be possible?

(And on a slightly unrelated note, can we hope for animated subsystems?)

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The use of raw HW-RE assets to kit bash is becoming a dead horse issue. GBX doesn’t want you to do it. Period. The reasons why have already been discussed. However what you are suggesting is not out of the question.

What you can do if you are just now learning how to mod is… Take an existing HW2 classic mesh (just google them up. they are quite literally everywhere you search). You can also extract a Relic Classic HW2 .big, and use CFHODED to extract any mesh you want from classic HW2. Modify it, Animate it, Add on to it, Do what you want with it from scratch. Then include what is needed to import that mesh into HW-RE. The file, and folder structures are almost identical to classic HW2. The Meshes are different to support the new rendering engine. I would suggest not to put it up for download though. Just keep it for your own personal use. Learn from it.

Mainly what GBX wants to see as far as mods is an effort made to create something “original”. Not mods like someone taking a HGN destroyer, and adding an extra gun turret to it, or adding wings to it, and calling it a new class of ship.

Uh, …I am aware of this option, fellow modder. I’ve been here for a while too.

I can’t stress enough that when you have crazy ideas for stuff you want to see or be able to do, we can talk - animated sub-systems could be possible. And I bet we can come up with all sorts of other great stuff! :wink:

I’ll be around more this week with more Examples, more info, feedback on the DAEs I’ve been sent - and quite likely a new HODOR build with some features/tweaks…


Oh I’m excited! That would be beutiful if we could have animated subsytems.

And I can’t wait for the updates you’ve mentioned.

That is some good animation there for that ship.

And. . . has anybody else noticed what it looks like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry, people have noticed and didn’t forget to comment…

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I’m still a bit upset about a complete inability to kitbash, especially considering so many of the original ships are kitbashes of identical chassis themselves…
Whatever, just my opinion.

For me it means I can’t do a lot of things from my original R.E.A.R.M. mod. I can’t have modular subsystems on vanilla ships, I can’t add new dock families that are specific for some of the new ships, I can’t have ship naming, I can’t have new hull paint team color schemes…

But I can live without them. It’s fine for me, I’m not going to recreate most of it even if I could.
On the other hand it makes me feel assured no one’s going to butcher my new models I’ve made from scratch.

The only thing I worry about is accesibility. Kitbashing, although not being any high art, is how I and I’m guessing most of us started. HW2 classic modding was much easier to dive into.
But I suppose as we catch up and the new people will come, they’ll be assisted and pointed in the right directions by both community and the devs if they’re still around.

Kitbashing of a sort will return with a vengeance once I get the ‘ship patching’ engine edits in. I fully expect mods to just jack up the weapons on different classes of unit (so you can mix & match them) - mods that re-skin iconic ships, etc - all without just completely cloning the ships. So ‘small’ mods that work together. If I didn’t have a ton of other stuff to do (so much!!!) - I’d be prototyping already I think.

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what about making the ship names something that can be put on individual ships (it would have the ship name, font type and font size as parameters)?

I’ve talked about this before - I know how - but it’s a custom shader - so I wanted to make an (eventual) example of it. It is far from ‘easy’ though…

Well I’m not going to do that this time around. It was cool to try it once, but now it seems like a pointless micro, playing multiplayer does that to me.

the fairest feature of them all. smoothing groups :wink: