Incendiary Damage Question

Do Incendiary damage bonuses deal with all Fire damage dealt or only Fire DoT?

For example, will Wilhelm’s Scorcher class mod enhance every bit of damage I deal?

Or just Fire DoT when it procs?

How does the com word it? If it says “Burn Damage” then it’s only for the DoT.

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Willy’s scorcher com I’m pretty sure boosts all incendiary damage iirc. So the shots and burn, every time u do orange numbers iirc.

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It says “Incendiary Damage”.



If I remember correctly the Keywords for the DoTs are “Elemental Effect Damage”, “Burn Damage”, “Electrocute Damage”, “Corrode Damage” (Currently not on anything iirc), and “Freeze Damage” (currently not on anything iirc).

Edit: I think it’s actually “Cryo Damage” so I might’ve been overrating the Elpis Mods a little bit as I think they’re only boosting the Freeze DoT.

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Yea like others said. If it says burn damage. That buffs the damage over time. Incendiary buffs the damage to all the fire weapons shots not damage over time i think. Cause eridian the relics in bl2. Said fire damage and that boosted everything. Shots fired and damage over time.

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Thanks, guys.