Incendiary damage to shields stealth nerf?

Is it me or are fire weapons doing way less damage to shields than before? I know by default they do less damage to shields, but it seems a lot less than normal.

Not sure, I haven’t played for a couple of days but fire should do 70% damage to shields in normal mode and half damage in TVHM.

What weapon are you using? Maybe it was adjust as part of the latest hotfix. Check out the news forum. Here.

Maybe you were on Mayhem and didn’t notice a negative fire or elemental modifier?

Imo enemy shields and our shields for that matter seem way stronger than past borderlands. Especially against fire. They actually seem like shields.

Edit: I realize you meant less damage than before in this same game. But to me fire seemed like it barely ever did anything to shields. Except when playing as Moze with a Fire Butcher.

Maybe I was just playing without hotfixes before.