Incendiary Flying Sand Hawk

Hi, I’m playing UVHM on my 360, I’m a level 58 psycho and I’m looking for an incendiary flying sand hawk. I’m open to trade, I have a

lvl 58 operational sniper
lvl 50 operational blaster
lvl 58 unique fuel torch class mod

If you post the level you’re looking for and platform/console you play on, it might help get more responses.

Took your advice, thanks. Are you interested?

Can’t help you there. I myself am only in my first playthrough at level 30 on xbox 360and I’m looking for the bee shield and the infinity pistol. Can someone help me?

I have it in 61 but unfortunately PS3. If you scroll down further in the forum you’ll see a section on 360 trading and online play. I bet someone there might have it. Try this one guys.

I don’t have either of those, sorry