Incendiary on Iron Bear exit

Anyone else notice it drop from 125% to 40% since yesterday?

Did you have hotfixes applied?

I do not see the hotfix sign no

That’s why. You need to wait for the Hotfix sign to sign up before entering the game, then the correct value will be reflected.

So I just sit here on the main menu until the sign appears? Because there are no updates currently pending.

Yes. The buff hasn’t been patched into the game yet, so you only get it once the hotfix applies. Hopefully once the next patch drops it’ll just be in the game and you won’t need to wait.

So just to make sure what I’m understanding is accurate. I took an SS yesterday to show someone a Trevonator I had found, and between then and now there was a patch that I currently need to wait to fully install while in-game before the hotfix sign will appear and I can continue on with the stats a buff from a previous patch introduced?

Edit: Seems everything is back in order now. Still no sign but whatever just thought i’d bring attention to what would be a massive nerf if it was a patch thing.

Edit: Now it would seem the sign has appeared. This is a really weird way to do patching. No bars, progress, anything.

It was a hotfix, not a patch. They basically download into the game every time you start it up while online, hence why you need to wait a second or two for it to apply.

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