Incentive not to quit on a team

Anyone else getting very frustrated with team mates leaving games waaaay to early? I thought the new competitive/casual play would fix that but no, people are consistently quiting early. I have had people refuse to play and sit in base camp, just leave the game entirely and spam the surrender button. Very frustrating, especially since a win with 4 vs 5 is immensely difficult.
I have a few suggestions my crew had come up wit
1: in competitive play or spotlight mode, remove surrender all together or simply delay the option untill the match is 15 min or 20 min into the timer.
2: penalize the player who leaves the team an amount of credits “in game currency” that is substantial enough to second guess the motion of quiting and leaving the match.

Personally I have had teams perform epic comebacks, down 1.5 sentries in an incursion match. Then we all level up to 8-10 and bring the fury for a win. It seems many competitive players out there quit too soon and when the team refuses to surrender they simply quit. This is so frustrating especially when they took the character I wanted to play “miko” and now we are stuck a player down with no healer.

Any thoughts out there??


I think a compromise needs to be reached. That feels a bit extreme, but you’re certainly not wrong, and comebacks are the best part of a game. As usual, balance seems best. Maybe just up the number of people that need to vote to surrender, and mark people that leave too many matches so they’re paired up with other leavers. Maybe once you’ve left the majority of your past 10 matches.


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1: in competitive play or spotlight mode, remove surrender all together or simply delay the option untill the match is 15 min or 20 min into the timer.[/quote]

I don’t think removing surrender is appropriate; sometimes, you’re just delaying the inevitable and surrendering will save everyone a good amount of time (especially if some pro team is pubstomping and, instead of simply winning the game, camping your group). If you remove the surrender button, people are liable to either simply quit or, if you actually penalize quitting, stand in the back doing nothing because they’d be locked out of playing PvP until the game ends anyways.

If you really want to reduce the “abuse” of the surrender function, instead of having it require a majority, have it require the entire team agree and prevent people from attempting to vote for a surrender more than once per game (or once per 10 minutes).

No, this idea is terrible. Remember that the game treats DCs the exact same way they do quitting. If you penalize anyone who quits because some people quit for bad reasons, you also end up penalizing all of the people that are kicked out and incapable of playing for legitimate reasons.

Instead of trying to penalize people that quit, it’s better to reward people that stick it out (honestly, it amounts to the same thing because the people that quite are instead “losing” stuff they would have gotten if they stuck around). Interestingly enough, this is what GBX is actually going to do in the next patch. Fancy that.


Great ideas! But I truly believe in competitive play the surrendering has got to be limited. In causal play sure surrender up.

I’m gonna be the bad guy here, but you need to change the title of this post. Those aren’t incentives to NOT quit on a team, they’re just punishments for doing so.

I’ve asked this again and again, and the only response I’ve gotten is “just suck it up and take the loss.”

What do I do when play is bad, AND not only won’t it change, but it CAN’T change? Yes, some players just need to have things explained to them…and others don’t care or don’t want to hear advice from others. Some players don’t speak the same language and they’re on a team. And some games are just lost causes. It’s not anyone’s fault, but team comps that can survive the early phase and gain major power in the late game, can very easily close down an entire team. If I offer three surrenders, and at each surrender, we’re in a worse position than the last one, I don’t see a comeback happening. Especially when you have someone say shooting at a miko mushroom in midfield, while our sentry is dying because the enemy team’s destroying it.

I don’t think there should be any penalties. No reason to penalize someone who may have had an emergency or real life situation pop up at home. Even if the reason is because the player doesn’t enjoy feeding kills to a premade or dealing with a particular player they have no other way of avoiding, then it’s at least nice to have the option to opt out. What I think may need to happen, is to do away with surrenders and just immediately pull in players to replace ones who’ve left the match. I know it’s frustrating jumping in late in the game on a team that’s getting wrecked, but at least you’re playing instead of just waiting to play.

A solution I like from another game…

If a player leaves/disconnects, he/she has 2:00 to reconnect. After all, it MAY be a connection issue that’s just not their fault. Stuff happens.

If after that 2:00 the player has not reconnected, then he/she is assessed a penalty.

The penalty is progressive, with each successive iteration within a certain timeframe bringing geometrically higher-magnitude penalty. The penalty is assessed in a ‘cooldown’ time, once one chooses to launch into a match, before she/he actually CAN enter matchmaking search. If that player is a member of a team, this then affects the entire team.

Also, for whatever time a player is disconnected from a match, he/she earns NO XP or other rewards for things like assists, etc. Anything the player did WHILE CONNECTED, however, he/she is still rewarded for accordingly.

Initial penalty, first-offense, might be as little as ten seconds. Then 2:00. Then 15:00. And so on.

Just a thought.

I was thinking the same thing but a bit harsher. Like 30 min, 60, 120, 240, etc. After 24 hours it’d reset to 30.

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Seems reasonable. And AGAIN, it’s important to leave some time in there, so if someone had a legitimate not-their-fault problem, they’re not being unfairly punished for it as long as they get back in ASAP.

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