Incentives For Maxed CR/Characters Not To Leave / Surrender

So, I think we have all noticed a lot of level 100s leaving / surrendering (then just sitting in spawn if their vote fails) when games do not go exactly as they want.

If im being honest, I havr even done this myself a few times.

I think if there were more incentive to play beyond CR 100 or with a maxed character, this would happen less.

I know when I was maxing my characters (I can say “was” now, all done aside from some lore) I would see every match all the way through so my character would get more experience.

But now, unless it’s a lore challenge I can grind out during the match, the temptation to leave when things go wrong feels like it has almost no consequences aside from an honour perspective.

As much as I love the game, feeling the need to play any of my characters now)l seems to have (sadly!) lessened since I know I’ll be receiving zero reward except some credits.

Even though I know I should be getting better and better with my characters since I can now freely choose between any of them, there is a part of my brain that seems to REALLY like seeing bars and circles fill up after matches.

What do you guys think?

A ranked mod3 would be all the incentive needed.


Agreed. Ik they are increasing caps soon, but ranked would be key. Luckily, I believe one of them confirmed a draft based ranked mode in the works in the AMA
Although I still think it’ll happen one day

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Just draft
nothing about “ranked” specifically.
I think the only word they’ve used is competitive

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Wait really? I could’ve sworn… oh well. Thank you!

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My incentive is just… for fun. I like to play. Even when losing, that chance at a last minute comeback is what keeps me going. I’ve mastered the toons I like playing, don’t care to level the others. I just like playing for the fun. Ranked mode would not really change that either. Eventually you will cap on that too. Then what? There doesn’t always have to be some reward or reason to keep playing other than fun. Least for me anyway.


Yeah, I have to agree with you. I don’t really care whether or not I am getting EXP or not. I just want to have fun. If a match isn’t going in my favor then I will just try to do what ever I can for my team. I’ve had some pretty good comebacks in the time I’ve spent playing this game and I will never surrender because of that.


Ranked mode isnt something that caps, not in the rpg sense.

A competitive rank is meant to facilitate good matches. You will have fewer quitters and surrenders when players are evenly matched. Ideally you “cap” at your skill level.


For shame, for shame, seriously though my solution is opportunity to ban them for some time


quit bans dont do anything to discourage the behavior.

all they do is decrease the player population.


Well have it on xbox then

im with the fun party. i dont grind but maybe one thing at a time, very sparsely, if i feel like it. so the vast majority of the time im just playing whatever for fun. :slight_smile:


I really don’t see how players leaving/surrendering matches has ANYTHING to do with level. I never started a surrender at CR2-100, AND I DON’T PLAN TO!!

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[quote=“HandsomeCam, post:13, topic:1547617, full:true”]I really don’t see how players leaving/surrendering matches has ANYTHING to do with level. I never started a surrender at CR2-100, AND I DON’T PLAN TO!![/quote]The game doesn’t reward accomplishment or How Hard You Tried, it only rewards team victory. Did you lose, but personally spent half an hour being a hero, holding the other team back on your own?
Congrats, you’ve wasted that half hour that you could have instead spent playing a more balanced match, because you’re getting nothing for it.

If you have the free time to just chuck 20 minutes of it away on a 1% comeback chance (that only yields as much reward as a complete stomp in your favour) then more power to you, but I only have a couple of hours of free time per day and I’m not spending a quarter of that playing a match that’s clearly lost.


Exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself.

Exactly. Play for the fun, guys.

Although we have to aknowledge that everyone is different.

Some people get their enjoyment from working towards goals, whether that is character mastery, Lore completion etc.

This may not be something we can relate to, but its relevant for them.


This has been a complaint since a month after launch.

I myself have been at the losing end of battles and people dropping because we are losing. When we are getting killed with 5 guys and one drops its even worse. Then, nobody wants to surrender even though it’s OVER.

It doesn’t do any good to leave the game because you still have to wait, then you can just sit there, that’s boring too.

I don’t like how only about 25% of the time do you actually have a chance at a decent match. I get teamed up with low 20’s and then the other team? ALL Angel of death team. Yeah, pre-made killers much?


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It’s called ranked, but the game doesn’t have it nor is it potentially looking at getting it soon.

Or maybe even if they tied getting loot directly to completing the game instead of credits.

We cannot understand why anyone calls for surrender…and why they do it so early. I’ve been in SO MANY comebacks, it’s always possible. I’m also just in it to have fun. Yes, winning is fun, but there are so many other aspects of the game to appreciate even if you are losing. And, I’m sorry, but I can even appreciate the performances of highly-skilled opponents.

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