Incentives For Maxed CR/Characters Not To Leave / Surrender

Nothing wrong with surrendering if you’re playing with twits. I’ve seen it all. DPS Miko, tower diving Pendles, Montana who insists on remaining in the fight against with 1/8th hp, Oscar Mikes who run 3 legendaries and wonder why they’re underlevel. If you’re getting stomped, surrender. If you’re down all of 2 sentry hp, wait and see.


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So… yesterday I was playing with a PUG group, 3 players level 100, 1 level 90 and 1 level 15 against a full 100 team (2 of them playing together).

The other team surrendered when the game was 100-100. We’ve got like 4 more kills than the other team. Can someone help me to figure out what happened? oO

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I don’t think any incentives are needed. Those people are just a-holes and should be reported using the reporting tool!

As a CR 100 w/ +1300 hours in game and an older model GPU that suffers terribly on the Jennerit maps (i.e., Echelon and Outskirts w/ 24 FPS and sometimes less) I still go out their and kill all the things I can when these maps get voted on. Because it’s not just about me. It’s about the team.


They should just remove surrenders from the game.

Also, anyone who quits and does not finish the game (mainly, if they get DC and come back, they shouldn’t be punished) should receive fewer credits for the next 2 hours. Or better yet, they cannot use legendary items for the next 2 hours.

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A horrible idea.:smile_cat:

Think about the fact that an Incursion match is 30 minutes long. W/o surrender the players who want to quit will just sit in Nova for the duration or rage quit while the rest of you get slaughtered by the enemy. When you are dealing w/ people you have to leave room for people to not be their best selves. Surrender is simply the best of poor options. And even though the option is available people still AFK and rage quit before the match even starts! So you see there is no up side to removing surrender. It will only make things worse.

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If they cannot handle being A PUBLIC GAME for 30 MINUTES, then they shouldn’t play the game.

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I want to remind people that things come up. When I find out I have to leave soon I try to surrender, occasionally even when we might eventually win. Please don’t assume. It could also be for a number of reasons
Wrong character. Happens.
Wrong loadout. One time I had -60 reload speed on Reyna before I realized. Not great
Children are suddenly on fire. Who knows, it could happen


My bad. I was responding to the first sentence of the OP but neglected to quote it. I have updated my comment to reflect this.

Oh lol np

Yet they do play the game. And they do engage in the behavior expressed by the OP. The fact is people are always going to be people good or bad and there is no perfect technological or even social solution to the infinite range of human behavior. So the game does the best it can w/ the limited options available (i.e., surrender and the reporting feature).

There is no circumstance where you ever NEED to surrender. If you have to leave a game for an emergency, just leave, it’s just a game.

As for people getting upset and wanting to leave when things don’t go their way, tough. When I join a public game, doesn’t matter if it’s a video game or something in real life, I expect people to play the game and not whine when things go awry.

GBX has had opportunities to fix this, but they have not. There is no comeback mechanic in incursion, reporting does nothing, and there is no downside to leaving. As far as I am concerned, punish those who think quitting is a good idea. I would rather wait longer to have quality games than wait 20 minutes to have a team give up in 6.

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Seems like a built in filter on notifications would be better than limiting my ability to interact with other people.

I mean, other than that how does me liking everything cause any issues?


Things happen. I would agree that it would be irresponsible to start a 30 minute game knowing that you could not finish, but I don’t think this is the norm.


What does a like mean if every post is liked? It devalues the currency. There’s probably other reasons I haven’t noticed but that’s how it is

If every post is liked then the posts with more than 1 like are the ones that are truly well liked. All this does is change the baseline. It isn’t a currency to be devalued, unless there is a trading of likes going on somewhere.


I have been doing something new the past week, I have been tracking this. In half of my PvP games, there has been a call to surrender and about two-thirds of them have succeeded (edit: that means one out of every three matches end in surrender).

The most common occurrence is someone calls for a surrender, it fails, they leave, then the games ends relatively quickly (because of 4v5) or there is another call for surrender and it succeeds.

My methodology is:
Was there a surrender called for? Y/N
Was there a successful surrender? Y/N
I am only tracking that because otherwise there are too many variables and it would just make me sad.

With all that being said, I have been playing a lot more PvE.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. But if you mean that once the 1st sentry is destroyed that it is no longer possible to win then I disagree. During the 1st month of the game’s release that was the norm w/ the group of people I played w/. We would almost certainly lose our first sentry every time but manage to come back and win; most times in a highly dramatic fashion. I LOVED it! :heart_eyes: That rarely happens now. :sob:

It’s not about need. It’s about human behavior and a lot of the time human behavior has nothing to do w/ need per se.

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In meltdown, when a team gets 250, the path gets longer to the finish with more obstacles, therefore, the losing team has an advantage with the shorter lane. It is a built-in ability to come back easier.
In incursion, when you lose your sentry you lose all your buildables, they just get destroyed. That is what I mean by comeback mechanic.
Why not receive a shepherd when you are down a sentry, if both teams are down a sentry, they both get shepherds?

Back when the game was released, no one was really good at the game, the strategy hadn’t been fleshed out, and on the whole, the characters were much more balanced.

Weren’t we taught in kindergarten how to play nice with others?

It’s a game feature, use it! There’s nothing wrong with surrendering when a lost is inevitable in Incursion.

There’s something wrong on refusing to surrender because players believe in the 1% chance of a comeback or for selfish motives like completing lore, achievement etc. I also find it absurd when players put their real life morals into a game. For example: never give up/surrender.

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