Incessant lagging in OP

It’s bad enough that the enemies do SO much damage in the operation… but the ■■■■■■■ lagging when I’m playing solo makes NOOO SENSE!!! It skips and then I’m dead. Thanks. ■■■■! I love you guys, but can you please fix this issue in the KU patch or something. It skips a lot in PvP for us all as well. It not our internet. It’s clearly an issue regarding the patch. Lagging off a cliff, through the floor, or into combat is not good, as an experience. If anyone else besides me and my friends are having this issue, do tell of your experience so that it’s clear that this isn’t an isolated issue.

P.S. I’m on PS4

We had this on XB1 as well, but I blamed our horrible web-connection for it… (Its always hard to tell if something is a performance issue or our crappy internet.)

Had a few OPs with very nasty jumppad-lags and heavy lag in callouts, my Shayne kept doing callouts about 5 sec to late, jumpsounds and all sound was very delayed.

How is your average web-connection? It could be usefull if following posters could include it (like “always red-bar”, “good” “green-bar”, or alike.)

I’m green most of the time. Worst case scenario is that the internet disconnects which is very, very rare. I experience the same jump lags, random movement frame skipping, etc. I just want their first DLC operation to not be plagued by these minor but irritating issues.

Sooo it seems like every time they add something new things get worse. I was fine in PvE Chapter missions but the moment I get to PvP The lag teleporting and the dead before my screen knows it starts happening. Nothing is more frustrating than dying because of the game’s random hard lags. I even went so far as to test my internet connection as my friend advised and it didn’t help. This has been happening since Face-Off Dropped. PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVERS!!! How can I advocate for this game is if this stuff keeps happening to me and my friends?

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You don’t. I can’t advocate this game for anyone either because the people I used to play it with refuse to come back even with new content.

It was boring to them.

I am left with much less people to play with.

My experience, once again, was doomed on the get go.

I am angry at my situation.

I feel helpless to make a difference.

And then they get Kid Ultra to have challenges only capable of doing in 5 man and they went on ahead making PvE 3 man only. PvEers, like me, on the PC, the minority of minority, gets screwed.

And we have people in this forum telling me that I should never be able to get my lore done because I only PvE.

What do I have left to advocate for when every corner I turn something ends up crushing my expectations -whatever is left of it.

So I feel for you, you’re watching your friends and yourself being more and more disenfranchised in real time.


Oh my god… I feel your disposition on the matter so hard. I just feel angry and helpless myself honestly; more so than ever. Words cannot express how much I connect with you on the matter. I’m having the exact same issues mostly and I’m on PS4. Just everything you said. Ugh! It makes me even more sad that I’m not the only one. This shouldn’t be the state that we’re in… sigh

There are more stories out there besides mine. I just bother to care enough to post it here.

A lot of other people keep their anguish to themselves.

Battleborn can’t die because of these mistakes though! It’s too good of a game with such great characters. These frustrations are just, UGH! This ending is bumming me the ■■■■ out. I don’t know what to do truly. Loving Battleborn won’t make things better. I hope things get better. I hope their marketing gets better and more aggressive. There are still people who have no idea what Battleborn is. That’s alI can hope for at this point.

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Mistakes are costly, sometimes it’s enough for you to lose your job if the screw up is severe enough.

I drove carelessly and damaged my rear door. That mistake cost me 600 dollars. Mistakes are expensive business.

At this point, the marketing won’t matter because the lingering issues of this game from disconnects, matchmaking, progress not saving, parts of the game being very boring, retention, people aren’t returning because new content was boring, will sap any excitement and interest in a matter of moments. This is why Battleborn has not pulled any free weekends since many of their fundamental problems have yet to be solved. The Humble Bundle incident was the best indication of this.

A lot of people came on board and then left in droves.

Almost nothing went right for this game.

I actually own a Humble Bundle for Battleborn, but I have no idea who I can give that game to when they may just abandon it in a week.

I don’t even know how to respond when my veteran Battleborn friends tell me the new DLC was unable to capture their interest.

The game is boring them.

If Battleborn is boring… that’s not a sin a game can commit. Battleborn, unlike most games, cannot afford to be boring. What can anyone do to salvage this game when you have people who love it tell you it’s boring and dull?

I don’t know what can be done at this point.