Incinerator's Ignition Patterns

Initially, I thought his arena ignition maximizes as his health goes down. But, in those instances, I was fighting him at +2. In my recent speed kill, I fought him at +1, so I was able to whittle his health down significantly faster. But that time, even at low health, he only ignited one “tile” at a time. This observation leads me to believe that Incinerator’s ignition increases with number of landings, until he finally starts igniting the entire arena with each landing. So, how does Incinerator’s ignition officially function?

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I think you are right. The region he ignites will increase with his number of landing until he ignites the whole arena.

i think this is his ignition pattern:
a few spot on the outer circle of the arena x2
the center of the arena then the outer circle of the arena
from one side of the arena to the other side of the arena x2
the entire arena

Better to kill him before he ignites the whole arena tho.


Thanks for replying. I’m confused as to why my question was ignored/overlooked for so long. It is far from a “n00b” question, and something I thought that experienced players would want to research and document.

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Sorry didn’t see the date there.
yea this stuff you just know it when you fight them enough.

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