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Come on Gearbox! You can tell your most loyal fans here in the forum what’s going on first :wink:

  • Homeworld 3
  • Homeworld {The Original Fall Of Hiigara}
  • Homeworld Cataclysm Remastered
  • Homeworld Online
  • Homeworld Mobile Game
  • Homeworld Movie
  • Homeworld FPS

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HYPErspace is ready


I’ve been waiting for a certain “3” to show up and mind, it doesn’t start with Half Life… :wink:


That’s an 06:30 Saturday morning stream for me! Two weeks to go :grin:

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Gosh - that’s an eternity … we need an hyperjump NOW


Let’s start the wild speculation…

The radio chatter art the start sounds like the turanic raiders, the music is a bit kadeshi…

Therefore the plot of HW3 must be the kadeshi remnant on a crusade to Hiigara…


I hope more for a Cataclysm Remastered :slight_smile:


Cataclysm Remastered wouldn’t suggest the involvement of Blackbird Interactive. Gotta be either something connected to Deserts of Kharak (the music is from DoK, too fwiw) or a HW3, hence the new logo.


Blackbird Interactive Ian on Discord said that the new game is not a new Homeworld remaster.
It is truly a new game!!


I put my vote down on a game showing the original fall of Hiigara :face_with_monocle:

Edit// added a poll up top!


If there is a Unity engine again and there is no opportunity for modders, then this will be a one-time product :frowning:
I hope the developers thought through all these nuances !!!


Honestly, if it is a game, and it is not moddable… then I might play it, once.

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One option that you’re missing - Deserts of Kharak 2.

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I personally hope it’ll be a Homeworld 3 continuing the story line in one form or another. There are still so many tales to tell about the Homeworld Universe. Unlike in Mass Effect it feels as we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the Homeworld Galaxy yet. Not to mention that Eye of Araan network leading possibly also into other Galaxies as well.

Also a return of the Kadeshi was envisioned by @Dom2 what about that huge chunk of the Convoy that continued on course where as for the Kharak ships headed right during the Bentusi cinematic. It could introduce the return of an evil Hiigaran Empire that unlike the current Hiigarans didn’t forget their roots and legacy of Hiigara. They returned with only 1 thought on their minds “payback to the Taiidan & payback to the Bentusi. and anyone sitting on Hiigara right now.”

Anyway I’d be mostly wishing for yet another prequel in the series. Homeworld (the Original fall of Hiigara.) Introducing the story in a much greater scale. Telling about numerous smaller empires till only the Taiidan and a handful of other empires remain. The focus being on warfare and exploration of the Galaxy throughout the campaign. Something that leads the Hiigarans to their downfall led by the Bentusi and exile enforced by the Taiidan.

I wouldn’t mind a Cataclysm remastered remake either. Assuming it combines Hw remastered it would be kinda cool. At the very least it could be finally considered a Canon Homeworld title and all those who decided to ignore the Beast story line would finally be silenced for good. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt that Desert of Kharak 2 would make any sense at least of a SP story stand point. They told their story line what else is there to tell?

How about this: Fellow Homeworld fans long have you been asking us for it. And today — finally we can deliver.

Say hello to “Homeworld RM - The Map Editor” create your very own masterful mission adventures & campaigns with a comfortably easy to handle map Editor utilizing all various script commands in a lovely 3d Editor environment without the need to actually write those scripts yourself.
Implement your very own custom scripts and ship/object assets in a shared “Addons” folder. Now that would be amazing similar as it is the case for the Arma series.

Never gonna happen but could you imagine all these insane stories we could built with it? :slight_smile:


Your idea of “Homeworld RM - The Map Editor” is definitely a winner. That tool, as you have described it is the only idea that, for myself, competes with a fully moddable Homeworld 3. In fact, I would rather have that tool than anything else. I love to figure out and write code, but a tool that allowed me to build complex multi-mission campaigns and then customize them with my own scripts all whilst learning the various lua methods used; that’s the tool of my dreams!


There is a hint about this subject on BBI’s Projects page under Upcoming Projects. Not much more than has been heretofore mentioned however.

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@gilligan_f according to Blackbird Interactive, its not Project 2. It is apparently a secret project aka Project 4.


It better not be “Homeworld: Online”! What better way to kill a franchise than to make an MMO about it (looking at you Warhammer, Elder Scrolls, early years of STO, SWTOR).

I personally hope it is Homeworld 3. Ether sequel, or fall of hiigara prequel.

??? for a RT4X game similar to Sins of a Solar Empire?

Unity IS moddable. Look at Kerbal Space Program. People been modding that since 2013.

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I’m hoping for a DoK-style prequel involving the days of the Ancient Hiigaran Empire. The Sajuuk’s Wrath, the Bentusi as the galaxy’s police force, the true discovery of the 2nd core and all that.

You helped the Exiles regain their Homeworld, you helped them defend it, and you got a glimpse of their recent past. What is still missing is the story of the origin, the events that led up to the Exile. Such an entry would also teach us the second important lesson next to “the galaxy remains a dangerous place” - namely there no actual “good guys” in the Homeworld Universe. It’s all a matter of perspective, and time.

DoK came to life based off one sentence (“100 years ago…”).
In their blindness, they became as the Vaygr are now” is another sentence :acmwink: