Inconsistencies with Anointed text

What’s up with most anointed effects not displaying the time they’re active and just saying “for a short time” for but then Moze ones a very clear like “120% extra splash damage for 18 seconds”, seems odd to me.


I agree, it should be clearly stated. Kind of doubt they would go back and change it though.

yep this something that has plauged so many games. i used to play wow like regularly and the quest text was always so vauge. i remember posting on the forum if they had plans to make quest information a bit less vauge. i was told to go check wowhead for information about quests. it’s like why should i have to exit the game, or minimize it, and check a websitre for information on a quest, that is so bloody unprofessional.

Just another component of the complete failure of the UI design. The entire UI needs to be re-visited in my opinion.

the UI is really good though, they just need to address these textual inconsistencies and the menu lag and there will be 0 issues there.