Inconsistent clone survivability: what is happening?

I’m playing on M10 and sometimes my clone feels like a tank. It just takes ridiculous damage. Other times it dies immediately when I take it out. I really don’t get the inconsistency. There must be some mechanic or interaction I’m missing. Are there certain weapons you shouldn’t give him with double barrel because of self damage or is it the nade damage or something? I don’t get it.

What’s your setup?
Self splashing insta kills him and some brawlers are really quick smashing him as well.

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I assume when you ask about setup you mean skills? This is what I’m using atm:

I think it must be the OPQ if he is vulnerable to self splash. I been experimenting with giving him different weapons to compliment what I’m using. Most of the time he just shreds things with that OPQ and I’m using an incendiary Hellshock or a corrosive Flipper. The combination of the OPQ + either of those other two is amazing but at times he just dies immediately. Maybe an enemy just gets too close and the OPQ shock splash is insta-gibbing him.

Yeah if the clone has an OPQS and no Transformer he dies if a brawler gets too close.

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it’s most likely splash damage if you have him using an OPQ System non stop like me lol.

It could also be nova splash damage if you have the dazed and infused modifier. the enemy will blow up once killed.

using a transformer shield will negate most of that because the splash off the opq is electric.

I finally, finally got a transformer to drop with the 15% speed boost while SNTL is active. I’ve been using it non stop.

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Well good to know that Transformer works for the clone. I had a good Transformer while leveling but I haven’t gotten a replacement Transformer since I hit 60 so I’m still looking for one. I’ll just have to give him my shock Hellshock for now until I can get a new Transformer. Thanks for the info all. I guess mystery solved. lol.

yes, your current shield mechanics will transfer to the clone except any annointments.

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Self-splash most likely. There’s also some bosses who to my knowledge will reliably just one-shot the clone with certain attacks though that might have changed with the last patch (Agonizers Blender, tentacle attacks from the 2nd DLC final boss).

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I also find that the Clone is very squishy to melee damage.
Leap attacks, overruns by big enemies, baseball bat psychos, and so on put him down pretty quickly.

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