Incorect Difficulty Setting?

Recently I got through to UVHM as Maya and reached Level 52 before things got a little too difficult. As a result I restarted as Zero to see how the characters compared/differed. I’'ve reached Level 12 in NVHM and opted to go through to add-on Highway to Hell as part of the Level - Badass Crater of Badassitude. Here I find that all the enemies are set at “impossible” level with the scull above the details. Is it possible to play this level on normal difficulty? If so how do I set things to make this possible? Trying to kill “impossible” difficulty enemies with Level 12 weapons really is impossible.


Enemies get damage reduction at more than 3 levels than you I think. So at some point if they are too far above your level you won’t be able to deal with them.

Try to keep near the levels of the enemies you are fighting and it should be ok

The DLCs in BL2 are set to be played after certain levels of progression through the main campaign, you can find the details on what level each DLC scales to on the Borderlands Wiki.