Incorrect Loadout Award Screen on Match Loading Terminated

Observed Results: Match abruptly terminated at the in-game loading screen (where player names first appear) and when dropped back into the client UI, a “load-out” award screen incorrectly appeared showing that I won the match, was awarded an epic chest and ranked points.

Note 1: There was no indication of why the match failed to load. The opponent name did not appear before the game dropped back to the client UI.

Note 2: The award shown on the load-out screen were not actually awarded.

Steps to Reproduce (Speculative, none otherwise):

  1. Successfully match Player 1 and Player 2
  2. When the player name loading screen appears for Player 1, cause game load to fail without the obvious fault of Player 1. (Drop Player 2’s server connection maybe?)
  3. Notice that when Player 1 is kicked back to the client UI, a load-out award screen appears (Potentially the same award screen given for a first ranked match win).

Expected Results: When dropped back to the client UI, improper load-out screens do not appear.

Closed Technical Test Build 44

Update: While it originally appeared that I was not awarded the epic chest as described in the ticket (No new loot added to my loot page), I noticed that after a following game, a new epic crate was available to me unexpectedly.

I am 100% certain that after the issue occurred and I was shown an incorrect load-out award screen, my loot page did not have an epic chest in it (It was empty in fact).

After the game following the issue, I was awarded a support chest which did appear in my loot page as expected, perhaps there is a related trigger that allowed the epic chest to be awarded as well.