Incread spawns after hotfix

Did anyone else notice a huge increased spawns after the hotfix?
I just did both Saboteur and Experiment to test out the double core health boost and had more enemies than ever before (five man group). In Experment for example, it spawned 7 ronins within the first wave at the first defense point.
In the second defense objective, it spawned four (!) elite bots.

So anyone tried out the maps? I never had that amount of mobs and I am pretty high level now with tons of story missions behind me.

Yeah just failed the experiment on the final stage, I did think the enemy seemed more numerous than usual.

Re. The increase in defensive point health, I can’t see any difference personally. So am know wondering, Did they mean they were increasing the health of the turrets and traps? Or the health of the cores that you need to defend?

Supposed to be the health of whatever you’re defending. My subjective opinion is that they do indeed have a bit more health in normal mode, but maybe there was more of an adjustment for advanced difficulty?

The spawns looked similar in total number to me, OP may just have been unlucky in seeing the RNG roll more of the spawns as higher level enemies.

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“Doubled the health of stationary defense objectives in story mode”

That’s what I thought, but I can’t say I noticed a difference, you’d think double health would be quite noticeable.

I guess that too - had a glorious 2nd wave (last defense point) in “The Renegade” where only Gunner & Brute Thralls spawned, nothing else. We had about 40 of them, I never had such a enemy wave before. Luckily Orendi(me), ISIC and S&A were abvle to block the doorway.
Some RNG rolls are petty messy/unexpected. We also had 3 Henchmen in a 3-man team once. Felt a bit hard.

I swear I had around 40 when I just soloed it. They were coming out the damned walls, dropping from the ceiling, it was intense, good fun tho, and importantly didn’t feel unfair.

Holy ■■■■!!! :fearful:

Though I agree: Its more intense than unfair. As said, that Renegade-round with immense spawns was the biggest fun I had in PvE yet! :smiley: