Increase credits earned

I won a match. 1st win of the day the grand total was 201 credits. My 1st win bonus was 21… Twenty-one credits. This is ridiculous. Credits earned need to be increased. I don’t have enough time to play 200+ matches at a rate of 200~500 per match.

I know challenges grant credits as well but the base credit income is far too low.

End of match bonuses would all we would need. Win a pvp match 250 win bonus. 1st win 500. kills worth 10 assists worth 5. making the avg credits earned per match be around 500~1000 per win and 200~500 per loss would be ideal.

Love the game, i just don’t have the time needed to earn anywhere near the amount needed for alani and pendles… Whenever he may drop.


Yeah, but then you’d have people like me who have an excess of coins, which will most likely lead to someone like me complaining about the lack of a credit sink.

So, I’d suggest buying the season pass, as it solves your personal problem, without having to add another potential problem to the game, one that you may even face later down the road if the ever made this change.

If you don’t have the money for it, find a way to set the money aside. Chances are if you have this game, you have a means of coming up with the funds for the characters.

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Or you could jump into some good old PvE-mission, they give faaaar more credits + you can loot chests with bonus-credits which get shared within the team. Also there drops alot of gear to sell.

PvE-missions are quiet nice and profitable :heart: (if you remember to use activation plates & that you can revive teammates as in BL-games.)

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How much more do you get from PvE missions by chance?

Wait approx. 24minutes - my game is just starting! :wink:
Will come back here afterwards!

PS: Usually arround 400-500, but I´ll post a accurate number asap!

Soooo, let see.

Mission: The Renegade
Difficulty: normal
Bonus points: 59141
Points total:72091
Medal: silver
Gear earned: 6

Credits: 526

The better the team plays and the more bonus-credits are looted through a mission, the more credits you´ll get :heart:

And CHALLENGES!!! The challenges during missions reward exta-credits!


Thanks for reporting back. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I’ll pass this along to my friends. They still won’t like having to farm all the credits, but this may ease the pain a bit.

Thanks again.


You mean like this?


I have all the load outs, a few extra pages of bank slots. I have purchased many faction and epic packs. I just kind of lost interest in buying more since I never really got anything good. I have a bunch of skins and taunts and now they are kind of rare since i don’t have a whole lot of them left I don’t think.

I was going to just buy Alani rather than use my key, but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how the only options I saw was to unlock her with the key sooo /shrug ah well.

I generally get 450-600 for incursion matches if they go for the full duration. I run a lot of missions also on solo advanced and I usually get somewhere in the mid to high 500s. I make sure to get all the challenges done and I know where all the chests are for the post part to get all the bonus coins and whatnot.

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No problem at all :slight_smile:
Also the trash-gear dropped in PvE is a good source for credits. 80% are only good to sell lol

(Its easier if you see PvP and PvE as “two seperate games” which rewards you can use for both. This way missions & matches are more fun and less tedious grinding. As PvE mainly I disliked the fact I´d need to “grind PvP”, but since I treat it as a “more badass SmashBrothers” I love to play matches same as missions :heart: )

Ohhhh yes I forgot about challenges! Huge credit-boost in Pve!
But it requires an average/good team to do some challanges. If a team does not work together to achieve them its nearly impossible…

Yeah. I was mostly referring to challenges in missions.

Duh, just saw I wrote “pvE + PvP” >.<
Edited now.

yeah but there will always be people like you that can play a game for hundreds of hours, the majority doesn t have that much time but they still should be able to enjoy the game. jon_rodgers is right its just not enough it feels like a really hard grind . if i play 30 min matches and get 500 per match than thats 4.5 hours for a damn epic pack, which most likely contains nothing or 1 item you want to keep. btw how many non charackter specific legendarys do you have yet ? i always feel like i am playing a f2p game because of the few credits. (feels like League or something) I just wait until they sell credit boosts or skins for real money. something else i have noticed is that there are nearly no devs replying in the forum . i also play paragon and its a diffrent world they reply to so many threads give out a lot of information about charackter stats and a whole bunch of numbers for those who want to do the math and find out the best builds and stuff . i d really like to know the legendary drop rates of the story bosses

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As one of those people with the time to play this game hundrets of hours: The gear is not worth it to buy packs.
All gear I use is white/green/ a few legendaries that were dropped by PvE-bosses. Most gear you find in PvE-missions is as good as the ones you get from packs.
In a really good PvE-mission multiple bosses and even bigger normal enemies drop gearpacks and for challenges there are blue/purples that can be a reward.
Its also a pain in the butt to wear pure egandary/purple loadouts. I like at least 1 gear to be activated right after start, so white is first choice, at least for me. (2white + 1legendary are payed VERY fast)

To farm credits for gearpacks is a waste of nerves & time in my opinion.
Just play PvE decently and you get blue & purple and even legendaries if RNGesus smiles upon you.
(I´m only CR34 and have 5 legendaries from bosses. Its not hat lucky, but not that bad either)

They are here, invisible, like ninjas.
No, fun aside, you just have to know how to find the recent Dev-posts: click the “Dev Tracker” on the forums topbar to see what Devs posted recently.
Here a direct link:

And just because they don´t answer every single question which is asked 50 times a week in 20+ topics, it does not mean they never respond. Maybe they responded to a similar topic a week ago and you never red it. That happens to me alot.

[quote=“Zmue, post:2, topic:1485188”]
[…] which will most likely lead to someone like me complaining about the lack of a credit sink.[/quote]

Which begs the question of why a credits sink is actually necessary. No, really, this actually needs to be thought about because it’s interesting.

The reason that monetary sinks occur in certain video games is actually an awkward and clumsy patch for a flawed economy where virtual currency changes hands and items that can be bought and sold are attributed value to a particular amount of said currency.

This actually requires an economy in the first place where currency and goods/services for this currency change hands. Except, as far as I know, there’s no way to give people items or currency, is there? In that case, there’s actually not an economy in the first place.

And if there’s not an economy there’s nothing to have a money sink to account for in the first place. You don’t actually have any status by incurring large amounts of currency, it’s simply a number resource from which loot packs are drawn. It’s not even a currency, per se.

It’s more a resource pool.

So, ultimately, you could do anything you wanted with the resource cost of items or the speed at which this resource is generated, since it isn’t actually a currency in the first place. If the game feels like there’s not enough resource available to create the things one desires, that can be tweaked.

The credits in Battleborn, I think, should be thought as being closer to basic building resources rather than currency.

Think of it more as fuel. You put in enough fuel, you get a loot pack out.

I agree that pve is much better for gear than grinding for the credits to buy packs, but that doesn’t help the people who only want to play pvp. Their only option is to buy packs if they don’t want to pve at all. I think if they buffed the pvp credits enough it would balance out, where the pve players get credit and gear drops for missions and the pvp players just get more credits per match

no they dont i ran an advanced archive almost an hour with a silver ranking was only 200+ credits

I dropped 60 for a game before life kicked in saving for a new car has put my gaming budget to 0 till further notice. I also do not see a reason to pay another 20 for new story missions when tbh the story missions were bleh for the most part. It was too short and disjointed. The first mission showed amazing promise. Stopping isic having him join the team. So much of the story missions could have been collecting the party and dealing with the whole groups infighting. Instead we got a bunch of disjointed mission modes that never really meshed to a full story,

Can anyone explain me this :
Match on outback capture mod, whiskey foxtrot 11-1

Match on temple capture mod, same battleborn 9-1

Is it only due to challenges I completed or something ?
(by the way nice “first win of the day”, totally worthless)

As said you´ve to do all challenges and open every chest you can for bonus credits. Also I stated all factors of the mission I ran. Maybe you were just not that lucky, who knows.