Increase difficulty by making it difficult!

you can make the mobs crouch spam when you land crits, bunny hop, combat role, juke left and right, sliding mechanics. a combination of them to totally do you over.

you could also give them a walking speed and running speed which they change between making them more unpredictable.

that took me 2mins to think of. if i was a paid developer, i could think of more things.

instead, they increase health bars. top devs!


Now code it. Anyone can be an idea guy.


I agree to a certain extent that given sufficient time, money and resources there are ways of improving base game enemies - beoynd changing enemy health.

But tbh I’d rather have more DLC, better effort vs reward loot mechanics, and better balancing of enemy health to suit a wider array of weapons for later content.

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borderlands 2 released 3 DLC’s by the time borderlands 3 released its first DLC. 3 months to be exact.

This DLC has no raid boss. gave away top tier legendaries like confetti on our first runs. Everone has an ION Cannon! and this DLC also has the most ridiculously powerful Zane Class mod.

The most powerfull gun in the game, most powerful Zane Class mod, legendaries like confetti. All behind a paywall.

give me a complex base game mechanic and i can replay the game and enjoy it. dont make me wait ages for content with equally shallow mechanics and suspicious loot practice.

But you do realize giving the enemy any extra AI would be pointless if you can oneshot them?

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Enemies do have tactics to a point. Bandits are far more frantic and direct. They seldom look to take your flank. Maliwan troops constantly try to surround you or made distance to allow the Shield trooper or heavy troops take the attention. Having enemies be extremely evasive would not exactly benefit the style of game they have going here. Enemies have health bars. It’s not Halo where an enemies HP and shields are static based on a difficulty and enemy type.

This is an RPG type game that mirrors Diablo as a shooter. Just like in Diablo doing high difficulty play is about learning your build and how to optimize your damage output to kill hefty enemies easily.

There are also quite a few enemies like the Maliwan’s Robo Hounds will dodge and jump around. Enemies could use some more consistent reactionary movement that didn’t some times go out the window when level geometry isn’t ideal but outside of that I feel like enemies are much better in this game with strategies and vulnerabilities which make different enemy types more engaging to fight them say BL2.


you cant one shot an enemy if its AI is good enough to evade being shot in the first place.

TBF, that seems to be what works in other games. I don’t know how people were still hype about Torment 16 in Diablo 3, but increasing numbers every few months seems to do it for people.

At the same time, we had Moxxi’s underdome and the Mutator arena, both of which had the kind of difficulty many players on the forums ask for. I know I was imagining mayhem would be more akin to Mutator arena than torment levels.

I hope that Mayhem 2.0 adds some of the more interesting modifiers in, like vampire and 0 Gravity. I really don’t think this game can be sustained by bloating numbers every so often.


So you’re telling me that enemies should be able to dodge rocket launchers?

the robo hounds can dodge. the bad ass tinks can combat role. and some mobs can crouch spam.

the mechanics are there. All they need are more mobs that can use a combination of these things with a more complex algorirthm making the game more difficult.

otherwise all you will get from this game is. health increases and level and damage increases. thats cheap IMHO

yes they should be able to. not every time but enough of the time to make it a challenge.

They already have half these mechanics, unless you’re wanting hardened badasses to move like warhounds because I’m game.
Real differences in difficulty are more than just learning new strategies to counter in combat just as much as it’s more than raw tankiness.

Coding for games nearly 10 years ago - might have been a lot easier. Hence speed of release.

The whole basis of BL games and levelling up in different modes has been increasing health and weapon damage. That is not going to change.

The paywall argument is weak. No micro-transactions. It’s less money than a pizza…

Many people bought BL2 after all the DLC was all there. For very cheap as well.

I think the base game might never be as good as BL2. So better to focus on what the devs are getting right. DLC…


Might as well play a different genre.

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morningafterkill has strongely suggested that he knows whats coming for the game.

say hello to microtransaction baby. no joke.

do some digging.

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The enemies in BL3 are a lot more active, they move, the maliwan wardogs jump, COV use slide and take cover ALOT.

I think the expectation here is too high in regards to how enemies behave in BL3. Its a few steps forward from BL2… Which is what should have been expected.

Yes you can make enemies sorta move in certain ways you want but when the map is full of hostiles all firing on you… I dunno I just feel what you’re asking for is enemy behavior that just couldn’t be managed in like say… Takedown


reduce the amount of them. and increase there movement sets and ai?

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I see what the OP is saying, but this is kind of a Borderlands problem. Back in BL1, you had maybe 2 new enemy types in TVHM (some type of skag and I think). In BL2 you also only got 2 new enemies in TVHM (Rabid skags and rabid stalkers). I don’t think TPS had any new enemy types introduced in later difficulties, but it did have increased badass spawns in UVHM.\

All this to say that, for the most part, new difficulties in Borderlands have always been about stat bloat. The challenge doesn’t increase so much as the numbers do. What OP wants isn’t unheard of for the series, since we did have those things in Mututator, Holodome, and Underdome. What makes it a bit of an unrealistic request is that those challenges have always come in optional DLC zones, never the main game. Why that is I don’t know.


And how many YTer’s use that line? Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.


I really don’t consider DLC to be a paywall that things are placed behind. Season pass is an illusion lol the whole base game is BL3+4dlc but its sold in increments.