Increase drop chance or change loot pool?

I wondered why Gearbox does not increase the drop chance or change the loot pool (100%) of the bosses. There are now enough comments from fans who are tired of farming a boss hundreds of times to get the Legendary. Let’s say there is an 8% chance that the weapon will be dropped, then you have to see that there are 4 different elements damage and of course a lot of anointing. Of course, there is no chance of being given very often or quickly, or simply never that you will get it. It can not be that the fun of the game is taken away from the countless hours or days where they farm the same boss. At least that’s why the game of fun passed me. It would be nice if Gearbox simply added certain Legendarys to the loot pool (100%) of the bosses. You would still have to farm because of the anointing or the elemental damage you want, but it would be easier and more fun. There is already the ION CANNON the Fabricator (Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC) dropped and it is dropped 100% every time. You could do that with the bosses Captain Traunt (Kaoson), Katagawa Jr. (Sandhawk), Warden (Plaguebearer), Agonizer 9000 (Backburner), Killavolt (Monarch), Amach (Unseen Threat), GenIVIV (reflux), Eista (Skullmasher) do, to name a few examples. I would like it. What do you think?

I took the liberty to do a survey.

  • I would like it
  • I would find it bad
  • I do not care

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Don’t even care about legendaries and screw legendaries. It’s fine dedicated drops get massive increase and vastly decrease legendary world drops but I just want an abundant of purples. I really don’t see any purple guns that much ever since 2.0 came along

Edit: Didn’t want my post to seem mean. I directed at it because of legendaries gotten ruined. It should be rare to some extend but I like my purple sometimes to farm for while farming dedicated legendaries side by side

Ifnthey got rid of anoints id be happy tbh or let me change the anointment

Its basically. Class build locking a weapon. Theres like.what 50 weapon anoints or something?

You have to pray to see the weapon and then an anoint u cant use is an even larger %

Thats bad. Thats really bad.

So.if theyre not.changing anoints and the parts game is so. Complex already… Then add clas restricted anoints…

Might as well have em drop 100%…

Ppl still wont find what they want even if it drops 100% but at least itsa fair shot.

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