Increase legendary loot drops for baddasses and non boss enemies again

I dont know what was the point of basically reducing the legendary drop chance on badasses to 0. This change came with mayhem 2.0 and messed up so many things in the game. First off, TVHM is completely pointless now. The only point people play it is because of more badasses or named enemies to drop legendaries. So if you reduced they’re drop chance to 0 what’s the point?

Second, Slaughter shaft, proving grounds and all similar places are also pointless. This eliminates half of the exciting things people used to do. Now it’s pretty much farm the same bosses and that’s it.

With the increase of weapons, annointments, mayhem tiers, you guys definitely went in the wrong direction with this. You pretty much nerfed all non boss enemy legendary drop chance on top of already bad RNG.

I used to have fun going to different locations and killing enemies, now I’m forced to kill bosses only. It’s crazy how our end game changed for the worse after mayhem 2.0 .


drop rate is fine ,but quality is not good . so it isnt amount of legendary being a problem, rather TOO MUCH USELESS ANNOINT

Also the fact that out of (1 billion guns) only 6 are actually good atm.