Increase Rate of Leveling in PvP?

Was just thinking recently about the last patch and how it was somehow supposed to make games faster (which it somewhat succeeded in doing). This was done by reducing people’s ability to waveclear barring a few characters, and by heavily buffing minions/thralls etc.

Now what I’ve been thinking is, with the games being sped up, would it be wise to slightly increase the rate in which characters level? With games taking anywhere between 10-20mins on average, most characters can’t reach their higher level skills at all during some games. Back when games usually went to time, characters could reach level 9-10 more often than not, now with games lasting 30-50% less, it is hard to get to those higher levels for some characters.

On average now I think I only get to level ~7 most games?

Thoughts? Am I the only one who feels that the increase in match speeds makes it so some characters can no longer reach high levels as often (unless the game somehow is pushed to the ~30 mins).


I would love this

I think if the leveling rate is increased, matches will be over much faster. As it is, character like Ernest and Orendi typically level very fast because of their exceptional wave clear, and their ults make a big difference. If they level faster, they’re going to get access to their game-changing skills earlier, and early-game character will not fare as well.


I wasn’t thinking of a blanket-increase but more of a selective one.
Characters that typically level up slower than average get a bigger boost, characters like Orendi and Ernest can live with no change.

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In close games they still last the whole 30 mins a lot of the time, so I think this would overall hurt the balance of the game

Think of it this way, increased rate of leveling = increased broken lvl 9 KU!

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Well the exp lvling system is designed to be fair across your team whether u get 20 kills or 0 because things like exp for assist on minions and players is the same as exp for killing them too. Sure some characters still seem to be able to lvl better b/c they have easy ways to get assist/kills but a good player can at least get assist by hitting the enemy once so the exp difference shouldn’t be that much if u make sure to get assist.

And which characters level up slower? I haven’t seen a single one that has that problem. It’s not like some characters have different xp requirements for leveling. If you want to level up with someone faster - choose the wrench and shard regen and you will be on the top of the cake with any character. If you are decently active on the battlefield, you will never be outpaced more than 1-2 levels.

Yes. Without Ambra or Orendi (and others but I don’t main them), this remains true. Makes playing Mellka hell. No wonder she drinks so often. That’s the issue though. Wave clearers reach ten too quick, assassins and supports lag behind. Solution? Buff assist exp. For minions as well. I’d say take away some exp from minions and put it elsewhere, but that would mean kills, and there’s enough focus there without making it the new meta. So add exp to assists and take a lil from minions

It’d make my Whiskey Foxtrot game much more enjoyable. If I can get to level 6 faster, I may actually get to have fun before the match ends.

Killing minions, a.k.a wave clear, is everyone’s responsibility. I’ll give you a Pendles example. Against a good team w/ a healer that heals and that sticks together leveling as Pendles can be a PTA. My solution to this problem is to periodically camp out by the minion spawn and wipe minion waves before they pass the first accelerator. It is an EXTREMELY effective way to level up when one can’t assassinate frequently due to max health enemies and/or stun lock team comps. If you are playing an assassin that can’t sneak behind enemy lines you can still ping/kill minions and build buildables in order to level up. I guess the moral of my story is don’t use the fact that the character is an assassin as a reason to not level up by focusing minions/thralls or by building buildables.

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Never did. No matter what, minions are a source much more valuable and available to wave clears

Typically, the best wave clearers will level faster due to having more minion kills so characters with lower DPS or no AoE will, on average, level at a slower rate.

Extremely effective for Pendles, maybe, but there are two core problems with this:

  • Pendles and ONLY Pendles is killing minions, meaning he’s starving his team of XP while the opposing team shares XP by killing minions in lane and outlevels his allies.
  • Pendles is away from lane, which means 4v5 for the duration of his absence. During minion waves your team might have a slight edge with minions versus no enemy minions, but between waves your teammates are outnumbered and are being periodically outleveled.
  • You don’t spend the entire match doing it precisely because it would starve your team of the XP. Just do it strategically.

  • As for being in lane, if you are Pendles you aren’t supposed to be in lane too long anyway. Pendles is not Gali nor Rath nor any of the other melee characters that has real lane presence. Or at least I don’t play him that way.

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agree completely

should just be a mostly passive thing unlocking more abilities every minute or so instead of a snowball effect that just keeps giving the victors a bigger and bigger advantage

also extremely hard to get enough currency to unlock legendaries, so those turn into a waste of a slot in pvp as well

Battleborn pvp, where you rarely unlock you favorite stuff

I remember making a topic about this before, but people all said it shouldn’t be changed and that they were all same level or overleveled as support, lol.

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Some topics just fade away with denial for whatever reason

Im not sure now, but i thought initially characters did take different amounts of xp to lvl in pvp? kleese pre health buff i think folks told me he needed less xp. id be curious if its different for everyone, or if its still true for kleese.

I think KU levels quicker… or at least it feels like he does.

Between the splash on his main attack his huge boost zone and drones he’s pretty much getting a piece of everything that gets killed on the map. Whether he got the last hit or not.

I’ve had several games with him where I’ve gotten more assists than there were kills by my team.

Still trying to figure that one out.

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Did you put a drone on a minion?