Increase the storage / docking capacity of the mothership & carriers?

What changes, scripts and instructions would allow me to increase the storage / docking capacity of the mothership and carriers ?

(Which files ? and in which folder ?)

So, x> 200 and x> 100.

I searched but found nothing, for now. :frowning:

I have another question :

How do I get the game to take into account modifications to the “* .ship” files ?

3rd question:

I would like the corvette and frigate subtypes to be displayed in the unit list window with their unit cap.

I saw that, for example, the assault frigates are named or categorized “Frigate”, while a bomber, which is part of the fighters, has its own name : “bomber” and not “fighter”, one example among others…

To put it another way, what the game can do or what I can easily change (or not) is this :

FAMILY LIST : (familylist.lua)

Fighters : X / Y

  • Interceptors X1 / Y1
  • Bombers: X2 / Y2
    … etc.

Corvettes: X3 / Y3

  • Salvage Corvettes: X4 / Y4
    — No other corvettes. Nothing !

Frigates : X/Y
— No frigates, assault frigates, ioncannon frigates … etc. Nothing.

Capital ships :

  • Destroyers X5 / Y5
  • Missile Destroyers X6 / Y6
  • Heavy Cruisers … 7
  • Carriers … 8

So, how can I do that ? Display Assault Frigates or Heavy Corvette, for examples ?

Here’s what I’m talking about, illustrated by this image :

Question 1 - it is in the ship file. The line is this one:

‘’‘addAbility(, “ShipHold”, , , , , )’’’

Question 2 - have you made a shortcut with the overridebigfile flag? Have a look in the tutorials, I think there is one about basic modding that should explain that.

Question 3 - no idea…

Yes I created the shortcut you’re talking about.

Mine being this for now :

“E: \ Games \ steamapps \ common \ Homeworld \ HWLauncher \ Launcher.exe” -luatrace -overridebigfile

Disregard folderPath, I had to install games in another partition (other disk) because I ran out of space in my games partition with Steam … etc.

Well, I found a tutorial here, but not in this site ( Is there a tutorial on this site on the subject mentioned ?

Go to your Steam -> Library and right click on HWRM Properties -> Set Launch Options …
Add the following:
-moddatapath GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \ my_mod

Is there any other way to load * .SHIP files or others, maybe otherwise (just to know) ?

With this command line, it does not work.

File modified and located here:
E: \ Games \ steamapps \ common \ Homeworld \ GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \ my_mod_1 \ ship \ hgn_mothership \ hgn_mothership.ship

Command line added in the Launch Options of HWRM Properties in Steam:
-moddatapath GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \ my_mod_1

Also, I use the command line on my Launcher shortcut, because I use 2 mods, only 2 mods for now:

The launcher shortcut command line:

E: \ Games \ steamapps \ common \ Homeworld \ HWLauncher \ Launcher.exe -luatrace -overridebigfile

Note: This shortcut command line works fine, the modifications to the LUA files I edited are well implemented and working in the game.

Note 2:
I have used the file " hgn_mothership.ship" from the Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch mod, so as not to create a conflict (compatibility issue), as this file is present in this mod and potentially modified by this mod.

Thinking about it I guess the BIG file (and its contents) takes precedence over my SHIP file which I put in a Mod folder in \ … \ GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \

The GBXTools and WorkshopTool folders are not there to look pretty, I did indeed install WorkshopTool from Steam in the correct path.

So, do you have an idea for my problems ?

I think you need to read this:

The shortcut is not too the ship file, it is to the game itself.

As you can see, in my posts above, I had already found this tutorial before you told me, I had read it and I applied all the instructions to the letter faithfully, mentioning the main idea who was this:

Go to your Steam -> Library and right click on HWRM Properties -> Set Launch Options …
Add the following:
-moddatapath GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \ my_mod

Anyway, I was wrong on one point, it’s true, I said the BIG file could maybe “overwrite” or take priority over my SHIP file. While, indeed, on the contrary, the command line “-overridebigfile” precisely allows to overwrite / pass over the BIG file. I had at this moment something that messed up in my mind… lol

So, I correct my error, it is precisely this command which allows files like the SHIP, LUA or other files to be loaded at the launch of the game by ignoring the same files included in the BIG files. Correction made.

Anyway, I’ll try another method, I’ll try to merge my various changes into one mod and go through the workshop to get a BIG file and then maybe everything will work fine.

Unless the mothership cannot carry more than 200 docking load (burden /cargo) units, because of another file, script or whatever … Maybe be a small additional script is needed so that this docking value can be taken into account… (?)

In the meantime, I’m open to any suggestions, tips, tricks, lessons or anything else to improve my modding on HWRM. :smiley:

So far, I’m working on the HW1-RM campaign, not on HW2, for now.

There are also several other questions that I asked in my previous posts above. Could someone answer it, please ? :slight_smile:
(If you can.)

I give the impression of being a pure beginner totally ignorant and incompetent in modding (I prefer to remain modest), but I am not in my 1st modding, not of very very high level, but I still have some experience in several games. And for other reasons I sometimes lack “alertness”, but I always end up understanding.

Unpacking and repacking (recook) files of all types, adding instructions to an “exe”, I also know, even if there, I messed around for a while, sometimes…

I have no training (formation) so I learn on the job, on my own. Therefore, I lack the appropriate technical vocabulary but that does not prevent me from modding on one game or another.

Anyway, this subject (just here) is closed.

I prefer that we talk about my questions asked above, as I said previously. :slight_smile:

It’s been less than a day since your first post, a blink of an eye around here. I can understand bumping if it goes a couple days and nobody’s replied, but you gotta give it a little time.

I recall that some hard caps were put into the engine for unit type pops in the area of a few hundred. While I don’t know for certain, it certainly seems plausible that motherships can’t hold more than the max caps of a unit type.

Just to verify, you’ve got edited file loading working now and can see changes you’re making, you just can’t raise the shiphold as high as you’d like, is that correct?

I understand, I will be more patient.

Correct, exactly. I have not yet done what is necessary via the workshop to find out if this value can be greater than 200.

When I have created my mod and a BIG file, I will tell you if it works or not, but I’m afraid this value might not change in-game, just by changing this value here in this line of code (for example, 300 instead of 200) :

addAbility (NewShipType, “ShipHold”, 1,250,300, “rallypoint”, “Fighter, Corvette, Utility”, 35, {SuperCap = “2000”}, {Frigate = “800”}, {Fighter = “3”}, {Corvette = “32”}, {Utility = “88”});

There was a comma missing in my code just above (error after formatting the value in bold), but this comma was really in my file.

I have something new !

I finally managed to do what I wanted, at least in part.

After a lot of hours of research, thinking and testing, and also comparing codes found here and there (for you, that would have taken you a single minute I bet ! lol), my mod finally works, and I have could increase the value of “iShipholdSize” (docking size).

In fact, I had messed up my file, I had taken the Hiigarans one, so, as I was playing the HW1 campaign with the Kushans, it was unlikely to work ! lol
(hgn_mothership.ship instead of Kus_mothership.ship)

And other little things done, almost perfectly. On the other hand, I still have not succeeded in displaying the details of all types of corvettes and frigates on the window of the ships /unit caps list , but I am not defeated, I will succeed ! :smiley:

Finally, I have another question :

By taking an existing LUA file for example, can we “call” (load, execute?) another LUA file (that I will create) that the game does not have at the base, which does not exist at the base ?
(like in DOS command: “call filename.exe” or in a batch file, for example.)

Ah, something else : I didn’t need to create a BIG file through the Workshop, my mod works without it.

While I was at it, I noticed a flaw while playing the HW1-RM campaign. When using the recovery/ Salvage Corvettes and using the “capture” key while selecting a set of enemy ships with the mouse (by drawing a square), the corvettes target only one target, on a single ship !

In my memory, and I played HW1 so much many years ago, the Salvage Corvettes themselves chose the closest target and if 2 corvettes were needed to capture it, 2 corvettes would go to the target that can be captured with 2 corvettes, and if for example 5 were needed, then 5 other corvettes (or 6 ?) were going to capture another vessel: in this example it was a carrier I believe for which 5 corvettes (or 6) were needed, … .etc, all the corvettes left for different targets and according to the number required to capture one type of vessel or another …

So in HW (1) RM this doesn’t work anymore, it’s a shame…

Added/Edit :
Basically, to sum up, when I would select a group of corvettes and send them to capture several different ships, they would divide up the work on their own, each (or a few) was going / leaving to a different ship and not to a single target (when I select several enemy ships with the “capture” key).

I hope I made myself understood.

Another thing, more important this one :

If we select Workshop mods in the Launcher window (“Mods” button), my own mod, which is not in the worshop, doesn’t work (it is … as you told me, in \ GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \ , using this following command line in my Steam shortcut (by the way, if we add a launch command line in Steam and generate a shortcut from Steam, the shortcut is like the others, with a number, but it fully takes into account the launch options, in other words this one:

-overrideBigFile -moddatapath GBXTools \ WorkshopTool \ My_Mod_1 -luatrace

So I think I have to put my mod in the worshop to be able to select it like the others and that it finally works with other mods selected in the launcher, right ???

I was right, loading my mod from the workshop allows me to test my (functional) mod while loading other mods from the Workshop, that’s what I needed !

Yes !!! I managed to make the sub-types of frigates and corvettes (Assault Frigate…etc.) — not listed at the base — appear / display in the unit caps window ! :slight_smile:

I recall the behavior you’re talking about, and unfortunately it will at best be very, very hard to implement in a crude lua script. There’s no easy way to just flip a switch and make it act how it did in HW1

Glad to hear it. What was the trick that made it work?

It worked, but now the game crashes and gives me a big error log, I’m looking for the cause … lol

When it works, I’ll give the trick.

Could you tell me please which mod has priority over the others in the loading order of Workshop mods (mods window in the launcher), is it the top or the bottom ?