Increase to taunts & skins from loot pack

Been playing the game since launch and it’s gotten to the point were I only need 1 or 2 skins and/or taunts for specific characters, problem being is with the whole if you already have the skin or taunt you get coins, don’t mind them but it feels since they are still in the pool of loot it keeps you at a low % from getting that specific taunt you are missing, I’m missing Orendi’s taunt where she does the mouth with her hands and I have literally opened about 200 rogue packs in the last 4 days and nothing, not to mention all the rogue packs since I got the game.

Sorry for the long post but anyone else feel they should add a quick fix to increase the drop of skins & taunts you’re missing? Maybe lower the rate of said skins & taunts that have already been acquired so you aren’t seeing coins 99% of the time?

this has been a major problem for me since launch too. i only need 4 more skins and a few legendaries from the packs and i always seem to get coins or the same legendaries (i’ve gotten the comeback king at least 6 times now). especially tedious to get the last skins/taunts since the loot packs are more expensive now.

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No[quote=“Accursius13, post:1, topic:1559712”]
Maybe lower the rate of said skins & taunts that have already been acquired so you aren’t seeing coins 99% of the time?

100% of the time for me, im farming credits for the next time legendary lootpacks are on sale.

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You get coins from doing everything else though, and they pop up all the time in loot packs. And seeing as skins & taunts you have still stay in the loot pool it gets annoying for those of us trying to get all the skins and taunts.

Yeah I am stuck, I kept racking up the coins and keep coming out empty handed, which is expected when you only have a few left to go for but having the skins/taunts you already have pop up as coins never really gets them out of the pool loot. making the chances ever so slim.

I got all skins and taunts :confused: im only missing legendaries.

I saved money/packs for any event with higher rate and got luck.

Atleast they are not adding more ugly skins/taunts that would make everything harder.

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Yeah but aren’t you spending 2500 coins on a loot pack to only get 1000-2000 back from the coin rewards?

I just don’t see the coins as a benefit for those of us who haven’t had the good luck of getting them all. just a small refund

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Dont buy those expensive packs! Run ops i can finish attikus op in 20-22 minutes i can play 2 hrs in the morning before work.

Thats around 5-6 commander packs, you can save them for an event or open and get a nice chance.

I prefer to wait for an event with higher odds.


isnt this a dde exclusive taunt?


Believe so.

If it is then I have no clue how my brother got it from a pack then. since he doesn’t have the DDE.

That Orendi Taunt is from having the Digital Delux version of the game

glitch i guess. lucky?

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as in, I agree with OP. It’s been ages since I’ve gotten one of the remaining skins and taunts. Months, in fact.


This is the only reason I buy packs anymore. I’ve got plenty of legendaries to choose from, so I’m good with those.
Just give me those last few taunts and skins.