Increase your Iron Bear's Max Armor

First of all, I’m NOT good at English so sorry. Please watch this topic with your generosity.
Maybe some people already know about this. But I can’t find this kind of topic and so I post this.

Max Health increase or decrease stat influences Iron Bear’s Armor
basic armor+guardian rank bonus (+6.35% Max Health)

53,141 Armor+Stainless Steel Bear skill 6 points+Shield option+Classmod option+Relic option

*I’m not sure guardian rank bonus, I’ll not increase bonus anymore so I couldn’t experiment about it. But pretty sure it works. (or not)


Now let’s check opposite side. Decreasing max health.



I don’t know that this is some kind of glitch or intend by developers. well…
Thank you for watching.


Iron Bear Scales off of your max health. This seems to be intended. As such the best shield I have found to use is the one you get from the Athenas sidequest. The Mendel Multivitamin. Currently I am trying to get both a class mod and relic that increases max health to boost iron bear further. Specifically I am looking for a Bear trooper mod with plus 4 to stainless steel bear and max health.

Thanks for the information.

…Your English does not matter, this is Top Shelf material. Very well done.

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Oh! That shield! Max health 50%! I should get that one :smiley: Thank you for tip! I hope you get gears what you want soon! Good Hunting!

Thanks for replying. I hope the information was helpful. :smiley:

Thanks for what you saying to me. That makes me happy :smiley:

Its should also be noted that with the recent buff to his HP this inadvertently buffed the shield from Security Bear as it is also based on Iron Bears max health. The shield is much stronger now and very useful when using Auto Bear as it can be used as mobile cover for friends like Zanes Barrier. For now it is definitely worth one skill point.

Keep in mind GBX is planning on changing health scaling for Iron Bear, FL4K’s Pets, and Zane’s Holotwin. The recent hotfixes where temporary solutions while they work on better scaling thought the game.

Thank you for replying. Yup, I can wait for GBX while playing Iron Bear Moze with this information. Or playing other characters.