Increased Bank slots

Is there plans to increase the bank slot?? With games like this I love to keep 1 of each legendary I find but there are sooooo many in BL3 that I can only keep about 1/4 of what I find. This means I’m trashing a lot of items that could be fantastic on other characters but I don’t have the space to try so I have to guess what’s useless and what’s worth keeping. Even double the space would be amazing as that still would not be enough room for 1 of each legendary but would allow some spare room for items that seem bad on one character but might shine on another.

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Yes, there are. Gearbox are hoping to double it with the release of Maliwan Blacksite.


Yes and that day can’t come soon enough. The current bank space is pathetic!

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I hope they can give character specific bank space too. Doubling the bank for everyone is nice, but it would be much, much better if they added a separate tab just for that individual character.

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Having a tab system sounds great. Each character you create could have their own tab, allowing you to transfer items between characters and assign which character it’s for, rather than just having one bank for all characters.
Even having a central tab (around 100), plus several smaller tabs (say 20 items per character) would be useful.
I loved that they combined the bank and stash, from B2 and B:TPS, but it definitely needs to be bigger and maybe a few upgrades.

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Tabs would be great. They don’t need to be for each character. Why not just do something like Path of Exile? Where you can color code the tabs and name them whatever you want and move them around. That way if you want to make a tab for each character you can. Or if you want to make tabs based on levels. Fine. Make tabs based on gun types? OK! Options are good…


Honestly this might be the big issue about the game. They combined the sharable loot locker and the bank together, good idea in concept, but in practice we have this.

Like I have several coms just for moze rn that take up a good amount of space in the bank, but those slots taken mean nothing to my amara. With such limited space, character specific equipment in a bank is only useful if you are playing that character. And it just hinders the bank space of your bank slots for your other characters. The introduction of anointments and how some anointments are character specific highlight this issue more

Honestly, gear box shouldnt drip feed us bank room over several updates, just go ahead and give us a 1000 capacity bank or more. Should be more than enough and you wont need to worry about the bank being shared amongst all characters.


yep i agree 100% i got so tired of holding on to legendarys i just started vendoring them.

Like I once said 750 = 50 for every type and each type sorted into tabs would be good.

That way we could store ~12 coms, artifacts, shields, grenades, pistols, assault rifles, SMG’s, Snipers, Rocket Launchers for each character and also store all character, echo and weapons skins, heads, trinkets, decorations (to send to other people etc.).

But yeah of course 1000 would be even better, but please tabbed else it’s a mess.

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Yes, exactly. I have so many different coms, and they’re all good, but very build specific. And with all the character specific anointed effects, adding more space to a universal bank doesn’t really solve the issue.

I never needed to make extra characters in 2 just to store stuff, but I already have like 8 in this game because there’s just too much good loot that’s too random to easily find again when you decide you want to use it.

Having multiple tabs that we can name ourselves would be very nice for more flexibility. Realistically though, I wouldn’t count on them to do that sort of thing, especially not 1000 slots. Performance, loading, and difficulty of adding it to the game is an important part to consider, which is why I just hope for a second tab that’s not universal so I can store coms, anointed gear, and other stuff for character builds.

I don’t see why they can’t do it. I mean Path of Exile does it and that’s a F2P game. You can basically get unlimited number of tabs. Color the tabs with your own custom color and name them whatever you want. You can also move them around like browser tabs. I mean if PoE can do it in a F2P multiplayer game there is no reason why B3 can’t do it in a largely solo game.

edit I want to also point out that the PoE comparison is also very appropriate seeing as it’s an RPG looter and has tons of loot. The difference is they have a bank system that actually supports all the loot. Why shouldn’t B3 have a bank system that actually supports the whole premise of the game?

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I agree. There should be a bank that supports the premise of the game. If they want build diversity, we absolutely need more space to do that. But we also don’t need infinite space. Maybe to them, the premise is more about the farming itself, rather than the hoarding.

I don’t mean to say they can’t or shouldn’t give us unlimited tabs or slots. It would be very nice. And maybe they can. But I don’t know enough about game design; it’s probably more complicated than you’d like to think. I just think we shouldn’t assume it’s something they are both willing and able to do.

While PoE is a fair comparison genre wise, it’s also a very different game in terms of structure, design, detail, and coding. Different in ways that may or may not make it more difficult for them to implement changes that we all hope for. Just sayin. :grin: I don’t want the menu lag to get any worse than it already is. Ya feel?

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I’m worried about how many people will lose everything in there banks when the update is dropped? I’ve already had two times where I lost everything.

Yeah, they don’t have to make it identical to PoE and it doesn’t have to be infinite space. The context of bank space in PoE is different because PoE is a F2P game and buying more bank space is a primary revenue stream for that game so that makes sense for PoE.

That being said…this is NOT a F2P game so it should come with FAR more bank space and sorting/organizing options than it does. I spent far more on B3 than I ever did on PoE and I have vastly more bank organizing options and space in PoE than I do in B3 for 100 bucks. That’s not right.