Increased controller drift since latest hotfixes/updates

I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing controller drift since the most recent changes to the game (the Feb. 13 and Feb. 20 hotfixes)? I know some players have had problems with drift since the game’s launch, but I was lucky enough to avoid this until this month. Looking and aiming are fine for me, but forward and backward movement, particularly upon exiting menus, now results in drift. I have tried adjusting the axial setting to zero and fiddling with the left stick sensitivity, but nothing works. I doubt it’s a hardware issue since I don’t experience this in any of my other games or while using my Xbox One controller for anything else. Anyone know if this is something that Gearbox is aware of?


Did any of your other settings get reset after the update? I don’t think a hotfix would affect game settings, but the update did reset some things with the new GR enable/disable and I believe there were some graphics/UI tweaks as well. I’d check the sensitivity and FOV for starters, just in case. I noticed after the update that the game felt a little ‘off’ although I don’t think drift was an issue for me (also on XBox). I did, however, do the power reset to clear the system cache (I was simultaneously having a LOT of issues with FO4 crashes) - that might be worth a shot as well.

You might want to adjust the dead zones the other way? I’ve also read that you can get better results from tweaking the radial setting than the axial, but I’ve not really had to do either.

(Moving to XBox TS)

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None of my controller settings were reset with the updates/hotfixes. My Guardian Ranks defaulted to “off” for all my characters, but I believe that happened to everyone?

I’ve tried both extremes on the dead zone settings, but unfortunately neither eliminates the drift. Decreasing the sensitivity as far as possible (I assume that’s what you mean by “radial setting”) hasn’t helped either. Thanks for moving the thread; I hope someone at Gearbox can look into the possibility that this is a software issue.

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I forget the actual details, and I’m nowhere near my console right now, but I think I might have the axial confused with ‘radial’ in my mind. There’s basically three settings for dead zones IIRC - the inner and outer, and another one?

About the only time I experience obvious drift is coming out of vending machines and vehicle stations - it’s almost as though your character gets slightly relocated while you’re in the menu, then when you come out the hitbox collision algorithm starts pushing you to one side as a result.

Best way to do that would be to file a support ticket including details of your settings and video of the drift occurring.

Hi bro i’m on xbox i have controller drift on 5 separate controllers the axial amd radial effect nothing i have had a few friends who have the same thing tried messing with the controller setting in the actual xbox settings which would suggest major input lag in the game itself many times i have gone afk for a min and fell off the screen you could try to mess with the controller ingame setting it won’t achieve anything only thing i could suggest is a wired controller it seems to cut the drift down alot not very convenient I understand hope this helps also support ticket it :slight_smile:

I’ve been having that issue since the game launched but just thought it was my controller. I didn’t realize this could be a BL3 thing. I haven’t noticed it in other games I play so that should have been a clue for me. I seem to always have a pull to the right. If I nudge the controller to the left it’ll usually stop, but it is very noticeable.

It seemed to be worse for me last night for some reason, although I was playing with a different controller to the one I normally use. After moving then stopping, a slow drift to the right which could be nulled out by flicking the RS (look) - odd that motion is cancelled by look. I upped my axial dead zone one notch above the default to 0.6 and that seemed to fix it.

Controller sensitivity generally in BL3 is very different to the previous games - maybe something to do with the switch to UE4?